Telstra announces 4G for Pre-Paid customers

Telstra announces 4G for Pre-Paid customers

Launching today is the availability of Telstra Pre-Paid 4G and it’s the nations first Pre-Paid 4G offering. Customers will be able to use their Pre-Paid 4G stick in 4G coverage areas but also experience HSPA+ which allows a dual 3G connection. Telstra promises speeds up to 40Mbps on the 4G network. The USB stick is small in size and features a swivel USB connector allowing you to plug the stick in at any location. Customers can purchase the 4G stick today from any Telstra store for $129. It comes with 3GB of included data which an expiry of 30 days.

Media release after the break.

Telstra opens super-fast 4G network to Pre-Paid customers, launches nation’s first 4G tablet

Media Release
28 February 2012

Mobile internet speeds available to Australians using tablets and Pre-Paid mobile broadband will jump today with Telstra launching the nation’s first super-fast 4G tablet and the first 4G LTE mobile broadband modem for Pre-Paid customers.

Warwick Bray, Executive Director, Telstra Mobile said 4G connectivity was set to make the mobile tablet an even more powerful way for Australians to browse the web, watch video and social network on the move.

“Australians are adopting mobile tablets in record numbers and the Samsung GALAXY Tab 8.9 4G — the nation’s first 4G mobile tablet — promises to boost the appeal of this technology even further. The leap in internet speeds available on GALAXY Tab 8.9 4G means customers can stream HD video and music over the internet, load magazines faster and enjoy rich internet content traditionally confined to a PC screen.”

The GALAXY Tab 8.9 4G is both powerful and ultra-portable and features a high definition 8.9 inch touch screen, a 1.5 GHz dual core processor for fast multi-tasking and weights just 470 grams.

Also launching today is Australia’s first Pre-Paid 4G LTE product  the Telstra Pre-Paid USB 4G.

“Hundreds of thousands of Australians already love the flexibility of Pre-Paid mobile broadband when commuting, logging in from uni or checking Facebook® on holidays. With the launch of the Telstra Pre-Paid USB 4G hundreds of thousands of Australians who rely on pay-as-you-go mobile broadband can access some of the fastest mobile internet speeds available.

“In 4G coverage areas Telstra Pre-Paid USB 4G owners can surf the mobile internet on their laptops up to five times faster than previously possible on 3G Pre-Paid modems. That means they can download songs faster, video chat with fewer interruptions, get TV shows in minutes and do more things simultaneously. And importantly Telstra’s Pre-Paid 4G service allows customers to get connected without the need for fixed term contracts or minimum monthly spend commitments,” Mr Bray said.

Telstra is the first mobile service provider in Australia to offer 4G LTE mobile services and superfast 4G coverage is available in Australia’s eight capital city CBDs (meaning within 5km from GPO)* plus more than 80 regional and metropolitan centres (meaning within 3km from regional town centre)*.

Customers using 4G devices within 4G coverage areas will enjoy typical download speeds ranging from 2Mbps to 40Mbps and typical upload speeds from 1Mbps to 10Mbps.

The GALAXY Tab 8.9 and the Pre-Paid Telstra USB 4G also set new benchmarks for 3G speeds and are among the first mobile devices in Australia to feature 3G dual channel HSPA+ connectivity. This means customers outside 4G coverage areas enjoy super fast 3G speeds previously unavailable on tablets or Pre-Paid modems in Australia. These typical download speeds range from 1.1Mbps-20Mbps and are available in all capital CBDs and much of the associated metropolitan areas and many regional and other locations. Outside of 4G coverage areas the device switches seamlessly onto Telstra’s fast 3G mobile network with reaches 99 per cent of the population.

As well as supporting faster mobile speeds, 4G provides a more responsive internet connection meaning real-time applications like internet gaming and cloud-hosted services work better with fewer interruptions.

The launch of the Telstra Pre-Paid USB 4G and GALAXY Tab 8.9 4G follows last month’s launch of the HTC Velocity 4G (Australia’s first 4G smartphone) and the launch of the Telstra USB 4G (Australia’s first 4G LTE Post-Paid mobile broadband modem) in September 2011.

Key Features and pricing for the Pre-Paid Telstra USB 4G:

  • 4G speeds and Australia’s fastest 3G speeds in selected areas.
  • Plug and play, with easy automatic installation when you plug the USB device into a computer.
  • Compact and lightweight design weighing in at a mere 40 grams.
  • Rotating USB connection makes it easy to pug the modem into a laptop.

Customers can purchase the Telstra Pre-Paid USB 4G for $129 which comes with 3GB of data to use in Australia with 30 days’ expiry. Customers can enjoy the extra performance boost of 4G at the Telstra’s current 3G data prices. A range of recharge denominations are available. More information:


Key Features and pricing for the GALAXY Tab 8.9 4G:

  • Runs Android™ 3.2 operating software (upgradable to Android 4.0 in the future)
  • Powered by a 6,100 mAh battery for hours of entertainment without needing a recharge.
  • Comes with a rear-facing 3-megapixel camera with flash and front-facing 2-megapixel camera.
  • Available with either 16GB or 32GB of memory on board.

GALAXY Tab 8.9 4G with 16GB of storage is available from Telstra stores Tuesday 28 February and can be purchased outright for $720 RRP. A 32GB version will be available to purchase outright for $840 RRP. They can both be teamed with a plan that includes a generous monthly data allowance and which allows eligible customers to pay the device off over 24 months.

Full plan details can be found at:

Pre-Paid Offer
Customers can purchase GALAXY Tab 8.9 outright and team it with Telstra’s Pre-Paid Data+ Cap offer, which allows customers to top up data as and when they need. A range of recharge denominations are available. More details can be found at:

Telstra Business plans 
Telstra Business customers will also be able to purchase the GALAXY Tab 8.9 from 6 March and team it with a range of Telstra Mobile Broadband® Member Plans over 24 months, including Shared plans, giving business customers the ability to share unused data across eligible services on the same account while in Australia. More details can be found at:

* Actual speeds vary due to factors such as location, distance from base station, local terrain, user numbers, hardware and software configuration, and download source/upload destination. coverage for details of coverage locations. Network unlocking fee for Pre-Paid Telstra USB 4G applies. Facebook is a registered trade mark of Facebook, Inc. Android is a trade mark of Google, Inc.

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