- MacWorld 2009 Keynote

This is’s Macworld Keynote Coverage. This is a rough copy, and will not feature any images, to allow this to be posted very quickly. We are not there at the Keynote, and we are relying on other sources.

The Macworld Keynote has been a longtime tradition since Macworld started, and this will be the last – since Apple will no longer be a part of the trade show. But, Steve Jobs has opted not to present this last keynote himself, but Phil Schiller will present his first (and last) keynote. And, if you have been living under a rock for the past time, Steve Jobs is NOT DYING!!! He just has a hormonal imbalance that is causing his rapid weight loss.

Note: This is using twitter to keep this constantly updated. Follow us at @techgeekcomau, or click on the Twitter link. This embed also requires Flash 9 or above.

Update (5:36) Twitter Broke… here was some of the updates you miss:

iTunes will introduce a new pricing plan, iTunes will go DRM Free and iTunes store purchases can now be made over 3G connections – oh and Tony Bennett sings…

And that’s the end of Macworld 2009 – Stayed tuned for full articles of the event.

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