TECHGEEK Weekly 98: Microsoft Office 2013 sucks, and Chris is not afraid to say it

TECHGEEK Weekly 98: Microsoft Office 2013 sucks, and Chris is not afraid to say it

Chris hates Office 2013 – especially the mish-mash of Metro and Ribbon. I personally don’t see anything wrong, but we’ll let him rant. Meanwhile, Yahoo gets a Googler to run their company and Commonwealth Bank is about to give you some Pi. Find out more on TECHGEEK Weekly.

Stewart Wilson is back, and joins Terence Huynh, Chris Southcott and special guest Jason Murray (@JM77).

Also, two more weeks before we reach 100. How we manage to do 98 episodes of conversations, arguments and randomness mixed with technology remains a mystery.

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Show Notes


Yahoo shocks with CEO announcement, takes Marissa Mayer from Google
A Yahoo Search Calls Up a Chief From Google
The details of Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer’s lucrative pay packet
Commonwealth Bank brings out some Pi – wants to ‘revolutionise’ pont-of-sale experience
CommBank’s Pi, Albert and Leo take on retail sales
Microsoft finally releases Office 2013 details, public beta
Office Web Apps get upgrade – new UI, “richer editing” and collaboration
Microsoft’s updated Office Web Apps: What’s new
Now, it’s official – Windows 8 coming out on October 26
Microsoft opens “The Tech Lounge” at unis to unashamedly promote everything Microsoft
Nokia posts $1 billion operating loss for Q2 2012, net cash up $125 million
Nokia’s Elop: “Our aim is to become the ‘Where’ company”
Nokia promises ‘something amazing’ on Sept. 7
Apple In-app purchasing hacked
Optus, Telstra brings 3G signals to train tunnels in Sydney – now you can check Twitter while underground
Google buys Sparrow for ‘new Gmail project’

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