TECHGEEK Weekly 97: Good Morning, Monday?

TECHGEEK Weekly 97: Good Morning, Monday?

Good Morning!? What are we doing here on Monday? Well, we have more hacking stories like from Yahoo, Formspring and Nvidia; we talk about expensive headphones and Windows 8 – we have a release date (sort of). All this and more on TECHGEEK Weekly.

Yes, because we didn’t have release an episode on Sunday because we were, well, busy with other things. But we recorded this on Sunday night for your consumption. Should also point out that we recorded this later than usual because, well, we had a very interesting conversation at the preshow that made Stewart not record until 90 minutes after the proposed time. (sigh)

We’ll be back on our regular schedule tomorrow – Saturday (hopefully). Don’t forget to listen and subscribe – Terence



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Show Notes


Formspring suffers security breach – 420k password hashes leaked, all passwords reset [UPDATE]

Yahoo website breached – 450k usernames and passwords posted online, in plaintext

Hackers expose 453,000 credentials allegedly taken from Yahoo service (Updated)

More user passwords dumped, this time from alleged hack

Several Nvidia forums hacked, 390,000 accounts compromised

Instagram vulnerability: Anyone can add you, see your photos

Minecraft has a security problem /cc @swilsonalfa

Parrot ZIK headphones coming to Australia in August, priced at $499

BIG JAMBOX by Jawbone now out in Australia

Microsoft confirms Windows 8 for late October release

Microsoft may scrap full retail edition of Windows 8, offer OEM and upgrade only

Microsoft advises users to disable Windows Gadgets following security vulnerability fears

Ouya faces challenges on its way to transforming the console industry

Dotcom offers US a deal

Facing competition, Dropbox Pro increases storage options

Pandora Starts Trial Service in Australia, New Zealand

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins interview: ‘we have roughly 80 million users today — Nokia doesn’t have that’

Fighting words: Apple’s ‘Post-PC’ and Microsoft’s ‘PC Plus’ were never that different

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