TECHGEEK Weekly 95: Google Now, is it a little bit creepy?

TECHGEEK Weekly 95: Google Now, is it a little bit creepy?

Google stole the week with Jelly Bean; creeping everyone (except Chris) out with Google Now; launches a new tablet; and disappoints Chris with a crappy iOS app for Google Drive. And could Microsoft be the one to save BlackBerry? All this and more on TECHGEEK Weekly.

The entire crew is back! Stewart has returned from the Big Brother house, while Tom has come back (albeit briefly). They join Terence and Chris in discussing the tech news – in the traditional irrelevancy as before.

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Show Notes


Amazon web services outage causes Netflix, Instagram, Heroku and more to grind to a halt [Updated: Returning to normal]

Google reveals Jelly Bean – what’s new in Android 4.1
Google intros “Google Now”, revamps Search UI
Nexus 7 – Google’s Kindle Fire – coming to Australia; pricing starts $249
Nexus Q crosses into Google TV territory, media player for US$299
Google+ Now Has A Tablet Version, Events, 250M Users, 75M Daily, More Mobile Than Desktop
Google+ History/Moments – Finally a real API?
Google Drive for iOS and Chrome OS available right now
Google Docs offline document editing available today
Chrome for iPhone and iPad announced, available right now
Google shows off Project Glass at I/O with live skydiving and bike jumps (video)
Sony to bring Google TV to Australia – but only if you buy their TVs

Apple Wins US Injunction Against Galaxy Nexus
RIM reiterates BlackBerry 10 hardware plan: fewer devices, QWERTY and full touch models around the same time
BlackBerry 10 delayed, devices to launch globally in Q1 2013
RUMOUR: RIM considering Microsoft alliance, selling network business
Google’s Matias Duarte would ‘really welcome’ RIM’s building Android devices
HP says it won’t sell an ARM-based Windows 8 tablet initially, planning Intel-only business version
Apple Reportedly Plans Major Overhaul Of iTunes Music Store
HTC brings out the One S – coming to Optus and Telstra in July
Digital switchover dates for capital cities announced
#facepalm – EA and DreamWorks to partner for “Need for Speed” film

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