TECHGEEK Weekly 93: Macbooks, Domains and Shampoos

TECHGEEK Weekly 93: Macbooks, Domains and Shampoos

The New MacBooks are out – with no Ethernet, a Skype call will land you 15 years in Jail (we tell you where) and who is getting their own version of a .com domain. Yes, get ready for this week’s edition of TECHGEEK Weekly – powered by Shampoo brands apparently.

Turns out, Terence is starting to get a cold, and basically with little tech news, it basically became something of a talkfest instead. He is joined with Chris Southcott and Harley McEvoy since Stewart is out (and sadly not Kings Cross),  and Tom is out at a retreat – yes I know, in Winter.

Listen, and hopefully enjoy?



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Show Notes


Apple updates MacBook Air lineup – includes Ivy Bridge, up to 512GB of SSD storage
Apple refreshes MacBook Pro line – ditches 17-inch model; adds Thunderbolt, FireWire and Ivy Bridge
Apple reveals “Next Generation” MacBook Pro – high performance, Retina Display in 1.8cm thin body
Apple announces iOS 6: Siri for iPad, Facebook integration, Facetime over cellular connection and more
OS X Mountain Lion coming July, developer preview available now
ICANN reveals new top-level domain applicants: Microsoft, Telstra and Amazon are on the list
Australia’s 41 gTLDs applicants – who are they?
Xbox 720 document leak reveals $299 console with Kinect 2 for 2013, Kinect Glasses project
A Skype call in Ethiopia will now get you 15 years in prison
Australian company introduces world’s first tax on Microsoft ‘Internet Explorer 7’ browser

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