TECHGEEK Weekly 88: Just Take It, Just Take It

TECHGEEK Weekly 88: Just Take It, Just Take It

Some say two heads are better than one. We have three, and they were wrong. Samsung taps into nature, BlackBerry thinks swiping is the coolest thing ever, and AT&T pushes Windows Phone to spite Apple? All this and more on TECHGEEK Weekly

At the helm, Chris, Stewart and Terence go through this week’s big tech news stories – and make fun of the marketing attempts of Samsung.

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Show Notes


Samsung Galaxy S III announced – ICS, 4.8-inch display, 8MP camera

Samsung packs a ton of new features into ‘TouchWiz Nature UX’ on Android 4.0 for the Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III owners to get 50GB of free Dropbox storage

LG launching new ICS-running Optimus L7 in Europe this month, Asia after

After Samsung, LG announces Optimus LTE 2: 2GB RAM, “True HD” IPS display

BlackBerry 10 unveiled

BlackBerry developers guaranteed $10,000 by RIM

BlackBerry 10 ‘Alpha’ device can’t make calls

Vlogger ‘Blunty’ admits involvement in Wake Up stunt

AT&T “sick of taking orders from Apple”, Nokia Lumia 900 marketing “to go into high gear in May, June.”

Windows Phone boost as carriers “sick of taking orders from Apple”

LG focusing on Android with no new Windows Phone planned

Is the Windows Phone Samsung Mandel built off of the new Android Galaxy S3?

Yahoo’s Board Will “Review” Resume Discrepancy of CEO                                               

Scott Thompson Resume Scandal Is Not ‘An Inadvertent Mistake’ — He Also Claimed Comp Sci Degree As CTO Of PayPal

Convergence Review: ‘Sixth multiplex’ should be used to launch new FTA channels

Small bloggers and publishers avoid ‘News Media Council’ body

Draw Something loses 5 million daily users in one month

Zynga’s New Ad Pitch for Draw Something: ‘Draw This Brand’

Making Windows Media Center available in Windows 8

Pwnage Playtime

$99 Xbox 360 + Kinect bundle launching next week with two-year subscription

See PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale in Action

Thatgamecompany to announce new game this year

Tom’s Stockings

Facebook has confirmed the price of its upcoming IPO, which is said to be soon. It has said that it will sell its common stock between $28-$35, meaning that they’ll raise about $5 to $6.3 billion. It’s a bit conservative, but it could be due to its fears over the lawsuit and the fact that Europe is still, well, in crisis.

Nokia are joining the suing game by launching lawsuits against HTC, RIM and Viewsonic. According to Nokia, there are 45 (unspecified) patents being infringed. Sounds like someone need some attention and/or money.

Speaking of patent disputes, Motorola has managed to secure an injunction that sees the Xbox 360 and Windows 7 banned in Germany. The dispute is all about patent infringement over the H.264 codec – a widely used technology for video recording. However, it gets more interesteing in that Microsoft got an injunction in America saying that Motorola can’t enforce this injunction in Germany. Has your mind blown yet?

Microsoft is trying to clean up the marketplace with introducing new guidelines on their development blog. Microsoft suggests that you should not use trademarks in any part of the app to avoid having it pulled, to differentiate your app icons if developing multiple apps, to keep under the 5 keyword limit for apps as developers have been abusing keywords and limiting the sex apps on the marketplace. Maybe we might see better apps on the marketplace? Chris will be happy…..

Security firm Symantec claims that a religious website is more likely to be infected by malware, as opposed to pornographic websites, saying they are have “triple the average number of threats per infected site”. While it hasn’t explictedly made a category in its top 10 list, porn was last with only 2.4% of all infected websites in 2011. Why? Quote: “We hypothesize that this is because pornographic owners already make money from the internet and… have a vested interest in keeping their site malware-free”.

And finally, in New Zealand. Kim Dotcom has been caught up in a political scandal that is plaguing the National-led coalition in New Zealand, with allegations that a minister may have broken election laws by not disclosing Dotcom’s donation to his unsuccessful mayoral campaign. He is claimed to have broken election laws by not disclosing his $50,000 donation because he knew where it came from. The minister in question, John Banks, has denied the allegations.

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