TECHGEEK Weekly 85: Now (No Longer) Standards Compliant

TECHGEEK Weekly 85: Now (No Longer) Standards Compliant

Facebook and Yahoo duke it out in court, SOPA could be back on the table, and the flying car is finally here! (And it could be rival Duke Nukem Forever to be vaporware). All this and more as we present a special Easter edition of TECHGEEK Weekly!

Nothing special, but our panel of ‘experts‘ – and that is in quotations for a reason – come and debate some of the week’s tech issues and news. Join Terence, Stewart, Tom, Chris and Harley on your Easter Sunday holiday with some laughs and rants.

And yes, complain away. Jesus would love you to do that. Happy Easter!

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Show Notes


TG at FIVE: An editor’s reflection over the past five years

IT’S ON: Facebook launches countersuit against Yahoo – claims 10 patents its violating

Yahoo to lay off 2,000 workers to ‘reshape’ company future

Viacom’s Copyright Suit Against Google’s YouTube Reinstated

MPAA chief hints of SOPA/PIPA revival

Widespread Virus Proves Macs Are No Longer Safe From Hackers


Twitter sues spammers to beef up security

Shutting down spammers

Instagram for Android now available

What does it mean when iPhone users complain about Instagram on Android?

Google’s Project Glass augmented reality glasses begin testing

Project Glass: One day…

Microsoft’s IE reclaims lost ground in browser battle

Kim Dotcom Back Online, Prepares To Release Music Album

Flying car gets closer to reality with test flight, introduction to customers at New York show

Pwnage Playtime

THQ dead in six months, says GTA publisher

Free Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut coming this summer

Tom’s Stockings

Talk about choice. The BBC has announced on Tuesday that it will be launching 24 new channels in HD (plus another 24 in SD) for the duration of the London 2012 Olympic Games – each channel broadcasting each of the 24 sports. These were previously going to be online only, but a deal signed will allow it to go on TV.

Grooveshark’s luck is running up, with their last major record label partner, EMI, tearing up its contract with the company. Without any  major record label support, the streaming music service’s future is now even more uncertain than it was ever before.

BlackBerry manufacturer RIM has finally released its new Mobile Fusion software –  which will allow corporate environments to manage not only their BlackBerry and PlayBook tablets, but also any iPhone or Android device. what does Mobile Fusion do? Essentially, it manages connectivity on your phone, and makes sure your phone adheres to security policies. It’s free – but each device costs $99 per device, or $4 a month, and will require additional software for Android and iOS

Asus has announced that users who are having problems with GPS reception on the Transformer Prime will be able to get a free kit to fix it. Yes, you’re adding an attachment to the device – and while nobody knows what it will be, I bet you it’s an antenna.

The Australian Government has won a multi-million dollar legal settlement over its Wi-Fi patent, which underpins the entire platform worldwide. It will mean that 23 more companies will now have to pay CSIRO royalties to licence the technology before it expires next year. So, go us!

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