TECHGEEK Weekly 84: Electrify Cruise Sensation 4G+Wi-Fi!

TECHGEEK Weekly 84: Electrify Cruise Sensation 4G+Wi-Fi!

Are you going to get the NBN? Plus, the ACCC calls Apple a liar, and that name for that Android phone – does it sound familiar? It should, and find out what that is on this week’s TECHGEEK Weekly.

Terence Huynh, Chris Southcott and Harley McEvoy are on the roundtable this week. And like usual, Chris and Harley debate again on a different topic and find themselves united with one – Kotaku.

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Show Notes


Is advertising the new iPad supporitng 4G misleading? ACCC thinks so, sues Apple to stop claiming it

Are Australia’s 3G networks really 4G? It’s complicated…

NBN Co releases three-year rollout plan

In the CBD winners are grinners, in Prahran they’re not

Conroy sees “positive outcome” ahead on filter

Balsillie, two more execs leave RIM after company post loss (again)

RIM: We are not withdrawing from consumer market

Google Drive leaks suggest 5GB free storage, in-app document editing

Google Drive: Finally coming this April

Google to launch third-party commenting platform to rival Facebook

The Next PlayStation is Called Orbis, Sources Say. Here are the Details.

Sketches of ‘PlayStation Orbis Features’ Surface, Then Disappear

Paper: the next great iPad app, from the brains behind Courier

HTC “shutting down” data synchronisation via

RIAA: Consumers are shelling out for subscription music

What’s in a Name?

Pwnage Playtime

Confirmed: Sony Closes Zipper Interactive

Sega slammed with 7.1 billion yen loss, kills games, shrinks company

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