TECHGEEK Weekly 83: A Burning Sensation - from your iPad

TECHGEEK Weekly 83: A Burning Sensation - from your iPad

Turns out, the new iPad is really hot. So hot that it could potentially burn. Plus, could the new iPhone have a 4.6-inch display; and Tom discusses/mocks Logitech’s little Apple-inspired campaign over a iPod dock (or a towel, we don’t know). All this and more on TECHGEEK Weekly.

Terence, Tom and Chris are at the helm this week, as Stewart decided to go out this weekend. But don’t worry, you can find out why on his Foursquare profile.

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Show Notes


Visualized: new iPad burns 10 degrees hotter than its predecessor

Apple’s Chilly Response to iPad Heat Complaints

Our test finds new iPad hits 116 degrees while running games

Logitech stealing Apple’s swagger

Apple’s new iPhone will use bigger 4.6-inch display: report

Rumor: Next-gen iPhone to feature 4.6-inch Retina Display

iOS 5.1 code hints new iPhone could have 4G LTE

Windows 8 to debut on both x86 and ARM devices in October, report says

Microsoft Said to Finish Windows 8 in Summer, Debut October

New Internet Explorer will come in two flavors

Job seekers getting asked for Facebook passwords

Facebook warns employers not to solicit passwords, calls it an ‘alarming’ practice (update)

MPAA Wants Megaupload User Data Retained for Lawsuits — Updated

Criminals Target Megaupload Users With Fake Settlement Demands

For Samsung Galaxy designer Lee Min-hyuk, Apple’s allegations are personal

Exetel releases $55 ‘Fair Use’ unlimited ADSL plan


Pwnage Playtime

Guess what? Zynga buys Draw Something maker OMGPOP

Minecraft officially comes to Xbox 360 on May 10

R18+ Classification passes House with bipartisan support, heads to Senate

Tom’s Stockings

The HTC One X smartphone has been confirmed to be on Optus’ network, and now we know when. Optus has announced that users can preorder the smartphone today on its website, and will start selling the device in April. If users preorder it before March 29, then users will get the phone on April 2 for metro users and April 4 for those in regional Australia.

It has been revealed that Facebook wants $710,000 a day for an ad on their logout page. The ad, is seen by everyone in the US who logs out.  Ad Age has said the figure is $550,000 for home-page ads plus $160,000 for the day’s log-out inventory.

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