TECHGEEK Weekly 82: The New, what?

TECHGEEK Weekly 82: The New, what?

Or, also known as the episode where Harley and Chris rant about the new iPad – seriously, that’s what it is called. Meanwhile, Chris says that LA Noire sucks and the iPhone is now 4G under AT&T’s network. What’s even more remarkable was that they didn’t change the hardware. What, how? We’ll tell you at this week’s edition of TECHGEEK Weekly.

And we’re back after a short hiatus. Terence, Chris and Harley hold up the fort while Tom goes out and Stewart drinks for St. Patrick’s Day (yes, the Catholic Church will be proud for the fact that a saint’s holiday is used for a day of drinking).

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Show Notes


New iPad announced – LTE, Retina Display, 5MP camera, March 16 release

No 4G support for 4G iPad for Australia – Here’s why?

Apple TV adds 1080p, new UI for “easier access” to content

Lulzsec hackers’ arrested in international swoop

LulzSec leader “Sabu” worked with FBI since last summer

Anonymous attacks security firm as revenge for LulzSec arrests

“Everything incriminating has been burned”: Anons fight panic after Sabu betrayal

Herald Sun launches paywall, new design on March 12

Hello, Google Play: Google launches sweeping revamp of app, book, music, and video stores

Rdio redesign hands-on video

Australia listed as “under surveillance” in new Internet Enemies list after Finkelstein report

Yep, Yahoo is suing Facebook on 10 patents relating to advertising and social networking

Everyone Has The Features Yahoo’s Suing Facebook For: Here They Are

iiNet dumps off-peak quotas … but not on NBN plans

In a triumph of marketing, AT&T upgrades Apple’s iPhone to ‘4G’

From this to Kony 2012? Those other Invisible Children videos

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