TECHGEEK Weekly 81: Apples and Symbians

TECHGEEK Weekly 81: Apples and Symbians

Windows 8 is here – in beta, Nokia releases a 41 megapixel phone running on Symbian, and we finally get a date for an iPad 3 announcement. That’s this week on TECHGEEK Weekly.

Terence Huynh, Stewart Wilson and Tom Solari dwell into this week’s tech stories – and yes, the numerous edit points reveal some stuff a bit ‘too hot’ for podcasting.

So, you’ll have to listen and subscribe to find out what. Also, apologies if you missed the previous episodes – the redirect was looping in itself.



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Show Notes


Windows 8 Consumer Preview: Here’s how to get it!

TechAU’s review of Windows 8

Microsoft Demos Windows 8 on 82-inch Touchscreen

Nokia announces Nokia 808 PureView – 41MP lens on a Symbian smartphone

Nokia brings out new Lumia 610 – “most affordable Lumia smartphone” to date

Nokia Lumia 900 to go global – may even reach Australia, just not on LTE

HTC One X going to Optus, One XL going to Telstra

HTC reveals One series phones – heading to Telstra, Vodafone and Optus from April

MWC: HTC still to make Windows Phones, new line will feature Apollo

HTC Titan II goes global, Australia confirmed but date unknown

Samsung reveals the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet

Sony adds Xperia P and Xperia U to NXT lineup – still no ICS until Q2 2012

Huawei announce MediaPad 10 FHD: Quad-Core, Android 4.0, 1920×1200 IPS display

Asus Padfone is coming, combines Phone, Tablet, Keyboard and Stylus

Telstra announces Samsung GALAXY Tab 8.9 4G

Telstra announces 4G for Pre-Paid customers

Raspberry Pi update, possible release this Wednesday

And breathe…

Apple iPad 3 event officially happening at 5AM on March 8 AEDT

The curious case of the missing iPad 3 home button

Digitimes: 14 inch Asian MacBook Air, in April, no more 64GB iPads, iPad Mini in Q3, Retina display shortages

iPad 3 Rumor Roundup: iPad HD, Higher Prices, and New Apple TV?

Site briefly let people bet on expected iPad 3 features

Tom’s Stockings

Timeline is expanding! Facebook has announced that the new profile design will now be integrated to pages, meaning that companies will – like profiles – go all the way back to the past and add content easily to their very own “timeline”. Everyone will be converted to the new design on March 30, but now you can preview and make some changes before publishing it live.

The Nokia N9 has been hacked to run Ice Cream Sandwich. Made possible by Alexey Roslyakov, the N9 hack can actually run all of Android’s apps, including Angry Birds – Chris’ favourite game of all time. However, while sound works for apps, there is “no real sound yet”.

Google+ may claim 90 million users since its June launch, but it’s defintely a ghost town. New data from comScore has shown that users spend more minutes on MySpace than on Google+ – 3 minutes vs 8 minutes on MySpace.

If you think another webOS device will be made, tough luck. HP has announced that it will be axing 270 more employees from its webOS division after the company says that it doesn’t need any more people in engineering. So, while webOS may be “open sourced”, it’s dead.

And the iTunes App Store has now reached 25 billion app downloads. The winner hasn’t been announced yet, but the lucky person gets a $10,000 gift certificate to buy apps on the Mac App Store or anything within the iTunes one.

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