TECHGEEK Weekly 80: Chaos in the Atmosphere

TECHGEEK Weekly 80: Chaos in the Atmosphere

Telstra crashes under Dodo, Nokia is number one – in Windows Phone, and why you shouldn’t get the PlayStation Vita (despite the hype). All this and more on this week’s TECHGEEK Weekly.

Stewart, Chris, Tom and Terence once again bring the week’s tech news, compressed and opinionated for your ears fortunate/unfortunate listening. And yes, in the spirit of the #respill, we have channeled Julia’s and Kevin’s fighting spirit with a bit more debate than usual.

And apparently Vista is good. Wha? You have to hear Chris’ reasoning – in the podcast player below.

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Show Notes

The Top Stories

Telstra suffers nationwide outage

Dodo takes blame for internet outage affecting millions

UPDATED: Optus moves into 4G – buys vividwireless from Seven

Optus goes first, releases the Lumia 800 pricing plans – phones to start shipping March 1

Analyst: Nokia is largest Windows Phone vendor

LG brings out Optimus 4X HD – ICS, quad-core processor, 4.7-inch screen

LG brings out Optimus 3D Max – dual core, but no ICS (for now)

PlayStation Vita goes on sale in Australia

TechAU – Why you don’t need a PlayStation Vita

Shanghai court rejects Proview injunction, okays the sale of Apple iPads

Proview Brings Fight Over Apple iPad Name to U.S.

Motorola Fight Forces Apple to Disable iCloud Push Email in Germany

Apple, Google, other tech giants agree on mobile app privacy

“Unethical” HTML video copy protection proposal draws criticism from W3C reps

New Apple fake: sent from my iPhone

Pwnage Playtime

‘Angry Birds Space’ Coming in March, Teaser Trailer Released

PlayStation Vita Facebook app pulled from PSN

Dreamcast’s Jet Set Radio coming to XBLA/PSN

Sony’s Rohde: proprietary Vita cards ‘completely necessary’ to combat piracy

Tom’s Stockings

Box, who provide online file storage, have announced that they are going to upgrade all Android Box user’s accounts and give them 50GB worth of storage. This is in an effort to get teams who work on the go or who are just looking for online collaboration on Box.

Guess what, the Herald Sun will be the second newspaper in Australia to open up a paywall! The “freemium” model – where you still get free daily news, but exclusive video and other items will remain behind the wall – will be implemented sometime in March, and follows sister newspaper The Australian in implementing it last year. If it works, then you can expect it on every single newspaper in Australia in the next few years.

MegaUpload’s founder Kim Dotcom has been granted bail, according to several reports from Germany. The North Shore District Court found that since the authorities froze all assets, he was incapable of fleeing the country. Also reported was that his extradition hearing could be delayed til August as the judge said that he was likely not to rule before May or even July.

Canonical has announced another big step for Ubuntu, with the unveiling of Ubuntu for Windows Phone 7. Now, it’s not actually running on your small screen, but instead plugs into a regular computer screen. It’s a full desktop version of Ubuntu running on ARM and it’s quite impressive to see. Data and settings are synced between your phone and the Ubuntu install, with things such as SMS’s appearing in the Messaging application. You can make calls and see your phones contacts too.

Just when you thought Windows XP was dead, Microsoft has yet again extended its support life cycle policies to 8 April 2014 for XP. Meanwhile, Vista’s support has been extended to 11 April 2017 and Windows 7 will stop being supported in 7-8 years, which is 14 January 2020. This means that if any big security flaws are found in XP, Vista or 7 then they will be patched, until the support date comes.

YouPorn has been hit, with an attack that managed to compromise all of its users’ emails and passwords. The main site wasn’t hacked, but its chat site was – and it was held by an external company. However, this data was unencyrpted, uploaded to an FTP server and made available in .torrent form. While it has been reportedly removed, there are ways to retrieve the stolen data. So, if you happen to visit a site like that, then you should be a bit more careful.


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