TECHGEEK Weekly 78: Scrambled Eggs?

TECHGEEK Weekly 78: Scrambled Eggs?

Path shares everything on your iPhone, Zynga spys on you and, do you want to own your very own Aperture Science Portal Gun? Well, find out how on this edition of TECHGEEK Weekly.

Hosted by Terence Huynh, Stewart Wilson and Chris Southcott, the three-man panel discuss and commentate over the week’s important news. And yes, among other things.

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Show Notes

The Top Stories

Major security flaws found in Google Wallet – allows thief to steal information

Path shares photos–oh, and uploads your contacts, too

We are sorry.

British Govt: Internet slowness, outages could occur during London 2012

Microsoft might be ditching the Start button in the Windows 8 ‘Consumer Preview’

Thurrott: Windows 8 is NOT dropping the Start Button (technically)

Microsoft Office 15 enters Technical Preview, public beta due in summer

OPINION: Windows Phone: Sweet on the outside, sour on the inside

Google brings Chrome to Android – only ICS (for now?)

Ex-Zynga employee exposes secrets – copying, spying, contractors treated like “second citizen employees”

Want to own your own Portal Gun? It’ll cost you 16,000 yen

Telstra ditches email service, moves to Windows Live

Meet @Horse_ebooks: The worst, yet also one of the most hilarious Twitter spambots

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