TECHGEEK Weekly 76: Everything Must Flow

TECHGEEK Weekly 76: Everything Must Flow

Anonymous retaliates over the MegaUpload shutdown, RIM ditches their co-CEOs and Twitter starts censoring the tweets? And Stewart responds to Chris’ piece on Windows Phone 7 – all that and more on TECHGEEK Weekly.

Sadly, Chris wasn’t on, so that gave Stewart a chance to rebut without any interruptions.

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Show Notes

The Top Stories

MegaUpload Founder Again Denied Bail, High Court Appeal Launched

Filesonic Kills File-Sharing Service After MegaUpload Arrests

Hackers retaliate over Megaupload website shutdown

MegaUpload Trial: NZ politicians question Kim Dotcom’s resident status

MegaUpload, Pirate Party to sue FBI for users’ lost files

Kim Dotcom ‘scared hell out’ of neighbours with bizarre email

RIM co-CEOs step down, new leader vows to overturn fortunes

Exclusive: What BlackBerry Lovers Are Looking For

Tweets still must flow

Twitter’s new censorship plan stirs global furor

Tom’s Stockings (1)

HP has announced a timeline for when webOS will be open sourced. By September, HP expects that the full open webOS will be released to developers. However, for those wanting to create apps, it has released the framework today. You can find a link at our site.

Nokia is reported to have announce that the Lumia 800 and 710 will be out in Australia in March. The Lumia 800’s price has not been revealed, but Nokia’s Chris Carr also stated that all three major carriers will be on board.

Get ready for more uproar from Facebook users. The company plans to roll out Timeline “over the next few weeks” to all of its users. You will also have seven days to preview what is in your timeline before it goes live. So, start editing – and delete those embarrassing messages.

In Other News

OPINION: Windows Phone: Sweet on the outside, sour on the inside

Google+ changes naming policy – now allows pseudonyms and “abstract” names

Google+ finally opens its doors to teenagers after adding new safety features

“Streamlined” Google privacy policy and terms of service coming March 1st

Updating our privacy policies and terms of service

One policy, one Google experience

Pirate Bay to allow real-object downloads

Tom’s Stockings (2)

Anonymous – or whoever is trying to claim to be from them – has announced Jan 28 to be the day they will try and take down Facebook. AnonOps’ Twitter account is claiming it is not and is a “mass media lie”. But Facebook reassures everyone that it is ready.

Motorola is suing Apple, saying that the iPhone 4S and iCloud are infringing on its patents. It seeks to have an injunction on these two products, meaning they could be banned. Apple has not responded to the claims.

Nokia has been fined by ACMA for sending SMS messages with ‘tips’ but failing to provide details on how to stop receiving them – which is a violation of the Spam Act. Nokia will pay $55,000 in fines and agree to be audited.

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