TECHGEEK Weekly 72: That Very, Very Short One

TECHGEEK Weekly 72: That Very, Very Short One

There isn’t an intro because this our final episode. So, instead we’re giving away products – and this is the obligatory news part of TECHGEEK Weekly. So, stay tuned for the Holiday Gift Guide recording tomorrow to hear your questions answered and the humour from our three panellists.

This episode, you’re joined with Terence Huynh and Stewart Wilson. And we wish all of you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We will be compiling our best of series of the year – and yes, one year of TECHGEEK Weekly is good.

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Show Notes

The Top Stories

Samsung Galaxy Nexus coming to Telstra tomorrow

Optus CONFIRMS Galaxy Nexus is heading to its network

Judge gives Universal Music 24 hours to explain takedown spree

Universal has ‘Tech News Today’ episode yanked from YouTube for reporting on MegaUpload promo video

Alienware announces Aurora – promises extreme gaming performance

Facebook Timeline now available for all – and get ready for the users to scream hate

Wikipedia ponders total blackout ahead of SOPA

Microsoft to introduce automatic background IE upgrades in Australia, Brazil

Bill Gates speaks out in Sydney … on Microsoft, Steve Jobs, and the weather

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