TECHGEEK Weekly 69: We went there?

TECHGEEK Weekly 69: We went there?

After three weeks, we’re back. Facebook infected with porn, the land of the free is trying to restrict your internet freedoms, and is Microsoft looking to buy Yahoo? All this and more on this week’s edition of TECHGEEK Weekly.

With Stewart Wilson in New Zealand, host Terence Huynh is joined with Chris Southcott and James Wilson to discuss, commentate and argue over the tech news of these past two weeks – yes, we had to do a recap.

Happy Thanksgiving! (and happy NZ Election Day!)

So, discuss, commentate, listen and subscribe!



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Show Notes

The Top Stories

Facebook Porn and Gore Exploit Spiraling Out Of Control

Facebook identifies those behind coordinated spam attack

Facebook ‘eliminates most of porn image spam attack’

Is Microsoft looking to make another attempt to buy Yahoo?

SOPA, a U.S. bill that could “break the Internet”

SOPA’s latest threat: IP blocking, privacy-busting packet inspection

ISPs propose new anti-piracy warning scheme

The other subscription music service, Songl launch a disaster

Zune Music and Zune Pass finally come to Australia

On-demand music service Rdio to expand to Australia in “early 2012″, joins Spotify

Pwnage Playtime

Skyrim patch coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 shortly after November 24

Grand Theft Auto V announced, trailer coming November 3 AEDT

PlayStation Vita launch line-up announced

Minecraft 1.0 Officially Released at MineCon

EA giving Battlefield 1943 vouchers to PS3 Battlefield 3 owners

In Other News

Google announces shutdown dates for Wave, Gears and more

The Facebook Phone: It’s Finally Real and Its Name Is Buffy

Xbox 720 to Be Announced at CES 2012?

Schools grab .xxx sites to protect names from porn

Microsoft TellMe is NOT the same as Siri

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