TECHGEEK Weekly 61: OMG! Pink 3DS!

TECHGEEK Weekly 61: OMG! Pink 3DS!

Windows 8 Developer Preview is here, more iPhone rumors rumored and leaks leaked and a Toyota Prius that you can plug into your mains to charge.

This podcast we have Tom, Chris and Harley McEvoy on again as everyone else decided to ditch us for either study or social time. Hmm… listen and see what you think!

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Show Notes

The Top Stories

VIDEO: First Look on Windows 8

BUILD 2011: Windows 8 keynote highlights

Case-Mate Preps for Release of iPhone 5 Cases with Revamped Design

iPhone 5 Announcement ‘Just Weeks Away’

CNET reader’s iPhone 5

Report: Foxconn’s Brazil factory ready for business, will begin shipping iPads in December

New PSN user agreement makes it harder to sue Sony: class actions 

PS3 getting fresh coat of white paint in November

Tom’s Stockings (1)

Optus, yes Optus are set to roll out a 4G network, starting in April 2012. This means Optus would be set to put in around 500 new towers and upgrade around 2500 sites.

The last of the trials for the NBN have been rolled out, this time in SA.  The trials phase it set to finish in October and all connected residents will have to sign up to plans. If only they would get on with the rollout.

Have you ever tried to control you iPod while wearing gloves, it doesn’t work, we know. And so do the creators of the Mix Master Gloves which enable you to control your music with various hand gestures.

In Other News

Nintendo 3DS to go pink to attract the ladies

All is not lost, Nintendo announces more 3DS games (in Japan)

OPINION: Saving the future of 3D

AMD Eyefinity eyes-on, prepare to fall for landscape goodness (video)

HTC to buy WebOS?

Kogan adds Canon, Apple, Nikon and Samsung to product range

Tom’s Stockings (2)

Samsung are counter-suing Apple claiming that they have infringed on seven of Samsungs patents. These patents all relate to wireless communication.

iPads are used everywhere these days, in store, in education, and so on. Now the US Marine Pilots are using iPads to make sure they are bombing the right building. All they use the mapping features of the iPad over the conventional map. Best of luck to them.

Yes, this is not tech exactly tech related, but Toyota are released an update for the Prius in which available in 2012 which you will be able to plug in to charge. The Prius should be able to “re-up” the juice in less than 2 hours or a 240v connection.

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