TECHGEEK Weekly 60: Yahoo F**ked Us Over

TECHGEEK Weekly 60: Yahoo F**ked Us Over

Yahoo fires their CEO, TechCrunch in flames, and Windows booting in 8 seconds? What. The. F**k. Yes, and welcome to the TECHGEEK Weekly Podcast this week.

Hosted by Stewart Wilson and Terence Huynh, they are joined this week with Tom Solari and Mark Caetano, with additional soundbytes from Michael Selvadurai. Yes, it’s a pretty hectic podcast.

Oh, and happy birthday Chris for Friday!

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Show Notes

The Top Stories

Carol Bartz fired as Yahoo CEO over the phone

Carol Bartz exclusive: Yahoo “f—ed me over”

Yang Says “Not for Sale”: All Hands on Yahoo’s Slippery Deck!

Will Yahoo Acquire AOL? Apparently Not

After Arrington: Anarchy at TechCrunch

Give Me Back My Baby: Michael Arrington Trying to Buy Back TechCrunch From AOL — But Would AOL Sell It?

Editorial Independence

SF police confirm search for lost, unreleased iPhone

SF police launch probe into iPhone search

Apple iPhone Prototype Loss Prompts Security Job Listings: Report

In the Loop

Rumour Mill: Is Steam coming to Xbox 360?

Price cut helps 3DS sales soar 260 percent

Nintendo confirms right thumbstick coming to 3DS

Tom’s Stockings (1)

First, Apple has successfully managed to uphold an injunction in Germany that would see the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets banned in the country. So, fuck you Apple. Fuck you.

Samsung is also facing another lawsuit in Japan from, you guessed it, Apple. Apple is claiming that the Galaxy phones and tablets infringe on its design. Yes, that’s right. Anything that is sleek and black apparently looks like the iPhone or iPad. Again, fuck you Apple.

Meanwhile, in its fight with Apple, HTC has added nine patents that it got from Google to say that Apple has copied them from Google. Patent law is so tricky, isn’t.

In Other News

Is Microsoft planning to hand out a Samsung Windows 8 slate at BUILD?

Watch Windows 8 boot in eight seconds, thanks to kernel hibernation

Windows Server 8 includes a Metro style server management console

First image taken with iPhone 5′s 8-megapixel camera possibly uncovered

iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending Sept. 9

Minecraft 1.8 Leaked

HTC’s Android better than iOS, says Choice

Google+ finding it tough to grow in Asia Pacific market

Both Koreas are developing EMP bombs that can kill everything tech

Aussie penis pranksters deface Google Street View

Tom’s Stockings (2)

Turns out, everyone wants to get a .xxx domain. The official registrar, ICM Registry, has been caught trying to sell companies their brand with a .xxx domain in order to prevent them from being bought by others. Because, really, people will confuse and (Sarcmark)

Microsoft’s Office 365 suffered its first major outage. To be fair, it did also happen to SkyDrive and Hotmail. Microsoft has since fixed the issue – but five hours is a long time. A very long time without email…

HP is repeating history. Well, Palm’s history. It will split the webOS division into two – software and hardware with the hardware still part of its Consumer PC unit and software moving over to Strategy and Technology. Palm did this in 2003 – and was a disaster. So, enjoy webOS as much as you can, because it could be like a walking zombie. Dead but still kicking.

Antivirus on your phone? Well, like true Windows style, you will need one. AVG has made a virus scanning tool for Windows Phone 7 and many are questioning its validity and the fact that it could be sending data to their servers. Scary. But, does this mean its extra protection, or is Windows Phone 7 extremely secure?

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