TECHGEEK Weekly 59: The White-Haired Menance

TECHGEEK Weekly 59: The White-Haired Menance

Assange vs Gillard, the Nokia N9 finally has a date and so many phone announcements, but we have so little time to talk about them in detail. Oh, and Stewart’s back. Great. All that and more in this week’s TECHGEEK Weekly.

Stewart Wilson and Terence host this edition and are joined by Chris Southcott and Tom Solari. And a crowd of Stewart’s friends (yes, I know), but you apparently can’t hear them unless they scream. So when you hear silent pauses, its them talking.

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Show Notes

The Top Stories

Wikileaks cables reveal American involvement in iiNet trial

Latest update on Wikileaks cables publishes unredacted names, leaked months before

Assange risks arrest warrant from Australia

Report: Assange wanted all cables released to public

Nokia confirms N9 release date, coming to all carriers in October

Report: Intel kills MeeGo “temporarily” due to lack of enthusiasm

Samsung announces the Galaxy Note – 5.3-inch display, includes pen

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 official: dual-core 1.4GHz CPU, Android 3.2, HSPA+

Samsung’s NX200 camera: 20.3 megapixels, interchangeable lenses, full HD video

Pwnage Playtime

Doom ban lifted in Germany

Unannounced Vita Games Galore at TGS

No Minecraft on Steam

Modern Warfare 3 ‘Hardened’ Edition contents solidified

PlayStation Trophy Cap Reached

Tom’s Stockings (1)

The BBC has announced that it will be using the 2012 Olympics as a testing ground for its new “Super Hi-Vision” technology it is co-creating with NHK in Japan. The vision is said to be 16x bigger than HDTV and it isn’t coming out to consumers for another decade.

Google has announced that Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs will be available offline via Google Chrome. It previously was available via Google Gears, but that was removed a few months ago and now uses HTML5.

Bad news for AT&T, the proposed merger with T-Mobile is being blocked by the US Justice Department as it would lessen competition, especially since the big four have 90 percent of the market. Now, AT&T have to face a hefty penalty if it pulls out now – and looks like it’s trying to avoid it. It would now create 5000 jobs in order to entice the US Government to allow it to happen.

In Other News

HTC Titan announced for October: 4.7-inch Super-LCD display, Windows Phone Mango, and our hands-on preview

HTC Radar announced for October: 3.8-inch Super LCD display, Windows Phone Mango and our hands-on preview

Sony 3D Wearable HDTV: price, release date and hands-on preview

HP to make one more batch of TouchPad, possibly revive chances for webOS

Samsung CEO: We will “never” buy WebOS

Vodafone to kill ’3′ brand, no longer accepting customers

Microsoft shows off its ‘Ribbonized’ Windows 8 file-management interface

Windows 8 Explorer will support native mounting of ISO and VHD

Rumour Mill: iPhone 5 to features smaller than 4-inch display?

Sprint advises employees to give ‘no comment’ on iPhone 5

In The Loop

Rumour Mill: Apple’s iCloud to be powered by Azure and Amazon?

SPFD likes Apple, does not like Apple.

iCloud to Beta 10, 10.7.2 as well!

Apple quietly puts Final Cut Studio back on sale

Nuance Speech-to-Text

Tom’s Stockings (2)

The BlackBerry PlayBook is getting a US$150 price cut by US retailer Best Buy – to $550. From US$700. Yes, the PlayBook was that expensive. Now, it’s a bit more affordable to businesses and those who happen to don’t like any other tablet in the toilet

Facebook Deals is dead. Yes, the four month “pilot” is coming to an end as it is facing tough competition from Groupon and LivingSocial, in addition with FourSquare as it was integrated with Facebook Places. I have a crap. However, it doesn’t stop Facebook using the data to target ads to you.

Turns out, Anonymous is helping Warner Brothers’s profits. Every single time when a member buys a the mask of Guy Fawkes, from the V for Vendetta film, Warner Brothers collects the royalties. Conspiracy, or just ironic?

Also, apparently Justin Bieber fangirls are selling their virginity for tickets in Mexico

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