TECHGEEK Weekly 57: Murder on the webOS Floor

TECHGEEK Weekly 57: Murder on the webOS Floor

WebOS is dead. Long live webOS. Meanwhile, Google buys Motorola and we ask, is Apple afraid of Android if they had to resort in faking evidence? All that and more on this week’s edition of TECHGEEK Weekly.

Stewart is away, again, so Terence has been roped in to manage the unruly other members – namely Tom and Chris. Oh, and did we mention that it’s about an hour long? No? But still go ahead and listen, as essentially we go from webOS to Android in one easy argument.

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By the way, I do apologise for some of the stuttering. Blame Tom. Tom and his crappy internet connection.



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Show Notes

The Top Stories

HP just killed the TouchPad and other webOS phones

Tangent:’s WebOS application. Yes, you heard that right.

Report: WebOS team hated TouchPad, WebOS ran twice as fast on iPad

HP halts WebOS business, spins off PC unit

Harvey Norman pulls HP TouchPad from sale

Microsoft offers webOS developers free Windows Phones and dev tools

Google buys Motorola Mobility for US$12.5 billion; will continue being open

Exclusive: Guess who else wanted to buy Motorola?

Did Apple fake evidence to ban the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe?

EU-wide Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban suspended (except in Germany)

Report: Apple also fake evidence in Dutch lawsuit, shrinks Galaxy S

Pwnage Playtime

Gamescom 2011: 24″ PlayStation-branded 3DTV coming to Australia

Gamescom 2011: Budget PSP coming for $139.95, sans Wi-Fi

Gamescom 2011: PS3 price-drop coming August 22

Wii to get update before Christmas, loses GameCube compatibility

Battlefield 3 will require EA Origin no matter how you buy it

Tom’s Stockings (1)

Symbian Anna is out! Nokia has finally pushed out its much awaited update featuring a user interface with new icons, and some other improvements. Other changes include some new features on Nokia Maps and a brand new web browser. It will only be available for the Nokia N8, C8, C6-01, E7.

Microsoft Reader is dead. The company has decided to axe the product and will no longer be available for download after August 30, 2012. The eBook reader wasn’t as popular back then and isn’t popular with Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iBookstore.

Windows 8 has finally listed its brand new feature – an App Store. Yes, taking a cue from Apple, it will sell apps and download them straight onto your computer.

In Other News

The Computer

OPINION: Google+ should release their API now, or it will die

Mozilla Releases Firefox 6, for Real

Firefox 7 Beta Puts Priority on Performance

Turnbull wants Govt-funded email for all

Report: RIM Launching BlackBerry Music Service

Android winning mobile OS war in Australia

Teens’ racy Facebook pics are protected by US Constitution, judge rules

In The Loop

Rumour Mill: No iPad 3 this year because of the screen?

RUMOUR MILL: AT&T may have confirmed iPhone 5 release date

Tom’s Stockings (2)

Evernote has bought Skitch, the Mac OS X image editing application and service. All services will be continued and expanded and Evernote will make the full application available for free for all users.

Users in the German state of Scleswig-Holstein will now have up to the end of September to remove the Facebook like button from their fan sites or face a fine of 50,000 euros. This is because the state believes that this is illegally sending data to Facebook. Um, no…

And it’s official. The English language is dead. Oxford has now added woot to its dictionary. So, well done Internet. Now insert obligatory Tom saying WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!

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