TECHGEEK Weekly 55: Bye Bye Galaxy

TECHGEEK Weekly 55: Bye Bye Galaxy

Apple are just a bunch of douchebags, while apparently IE users aren’t stupid after all. Plus, Terence and Chris fight again over the Nintendo 3DS and teenagers giving their opinions on Facebook dating etiquette, and the one guy that is not helping. That’s this week on TECHGEEK Weekly.

While Stewart hangs out in his “office” and Tom is at some musical, Terence and Chris drag out Liam Frappel back to do another stint.

Oh, and we got a new logo. WOOT!

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Show Notes

The Top Stories

Apple successfully blocks Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to Australians

Apple forces Amazon to stop accepting apps in Germany over the word “Appstore”

iTunes 11 to get revamped UI, iCloud and iBooks integration?

Study claiming IE had lowest IQ was a hoax

How the hoax started and propagated.

Is Internet Explorer For The Dumb? A New Study Suggests Exactly That.

Sony PS Vita to launch in Europe/USA in 2012, Japan this year

Nintendo 3DS receives price-drop, will now burn a smaller hole in your wallet

Do these photos reveal Apple’s new iPhone 5 design?

Apple iPhone 5 won’t launch until October, report claims

Pwnage Playtime

Redesigning computer game design… or not

Notch’s view: “It’s a scam”

You Can’t Buy Battlefield 3 On Steam‎

Go Get the Humble Indie Bundle #3

Toy Story Comes to LittleBigPlanet 2

La Noire – “The Consul’s Car” Traffic Case (Playstation 3 Exclusive … for now)

Free Red Dead Redemption DLC pack – Myths and Mavericks

Tom’s Stockings (1)

Facebook is to allow people to announce their pregnancy a bit easier by allowing you to add the unborn child on the site. However, is this just too much information to reveal or give to Facebook? This is totally not going to be abused by many (sarcasm).

ALDI has withdrawn their Fission External 4-in-one hard drive, DVD, USB and Card Reader after it was found to have contained the Conficker virus. Yes, the Conficker virus. ALDI has also said that users should do a “full reformat” of the drive and will give customers a full refund.

Google Plus users will soon be able to invite more people, with an announcement that users will be getting 150 more invites. In addition, invites can be given out with a simple URL, so you don’t have to find out their email.

While Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices division is doing well, turns out Windows Phone only made roughly US$600 million of that. However, it’s not all bad news, it’s still making more money technically than Android, as Google receives nothing for it – unless it starts putting ads on it, which will piss off the fans.

In Other Stories

Global cyber-espionage operation uncovered

Operation Shady RAT: five things to know

Shady RAT not so sophisticated: Symantec

Android Trojan records phone calls

The very fate of R18 rests on NSW – and one man named Fred Nile?

Google gives Gmail a Two-Pane View, Kills Google Dictionary and Revamps Google Docs

DIVIDED BY PHONES: Map shows Android/iPhone popularity in USA

iPhone users would trade shoes, sex for phone

Teaching Kids How to Break Up Nicely

In the Loop

Apple rolls out 90 second previews on iTunes to international markets

Apple beta launches for developers, pricing revealed

Skype Now Optimised for the iPad

Apple facing possible $25.6M location suit in Korea

Tom’s Stockings (2)

Wikipedia is losing contributors at a fast pace. The problem is that its new templates and editing guidelines have made them leave the site, and there are not enough people to replenish those who left. They have a target of adding 5,000 more editors by June 2012. That, and as one journo has pointed out, it is “probably edited by 14-year-olds”. May I add, also Justin Bieber fans?

The Amazon Kindle is now heading to Australian stores, with Woolworths, Dick Smith and Big W advertising that the product will hit their shelves. Both versions – the Wi-Fi + 3G and Wi-Fi only – will have a price tag of AU$219 and AU$159 respectively.

A Swedish man has attempted to build a nuclear reactor as a “just for fun” experiment. How was he caught? Well, he emailed the Swedish authorities asking them if it was alright, even linking his blog. Two days later, they confiscated the equipment and questioned him before releasing him.

The .XXX domain finally gets its first customer – Casting.XXX, though we must absolutely tell you it is NSFW. Also, apparently, there have been 1500 domains registered to 35 customers, but it appears to have a tough time convincing others to jump on board.

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