TECHGEEK Weekly 54: You Can't Rate Us

TECHGEEK Weekly 54: You Can't Rate Us

We rejoice in the fact that Australia will get an R18+ rating (so get ready to play Mortal Kombat), we argue about the new MacBook Air becoming the entry-level Mac and is Yahoo very desperate to get Hulu? All this and more on TECHGEEK Weekly.

Terence is the host as Stewart is not here, and is joined by Chris Southcott and Tom Solari. And because the arguing, this may be the longest podcast recorded – locking in at 1 hour 15 minutes. See, this is what happens when Stewart leaves.

Anyway, enjoy. Don’t forget to subscribe and listen!



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Music: Caffeine by VCMG / Mess by Anamanaguchi

The Top Stories

SUCCESS: Australia finally gets an R18+ rating for video games

R18+ rating faces roadblock from NSW, SA to change its classification laws

Lion out and MacBook killed off as Apple Store updated

MacBook Air updated – Cheaper, Thunderbolt and Core i5/i7

Apple updates Mac Mini – adds Thunderbolt, new Radeon graphics

Can’t get Mac OS X Lion? Get it on a USB

OPINION: Making MacBook Air the “entry-level” Mac is a big mistake

FBI arrests 16 in Anonymous hacking investigation

16-year-old leading member of LulzSec reportedly in custody after sting

LulzSec and Anonymous: “We are not scared any more” of FBI

Anonymous to launch their own social networking website, AnonPlus

Pwnage Playtime

There may be some games in your Google Plus soon

Resistance 3 multiplayer beta coming ‘first week in August,’ watch videos until then

Catherine heading to Europe with Deep Silver

Ad-supported Fruit Ninja Free now on Android

Tom’s Stockings (1)

Nokia Sea Ray leaks out in video

Dell acquires Force10 Networks

Microsoft launches their 3rd multitouch mouse

In Other News

Lenovo launches three tablets – IdeaPad Tablet K1, P1 and ThinkPad Tablet

Android 3.2 official, coming to a tablet near you

HTC’s fate up in the air

HTC’s Apple Patent Loss: Why Android Fans Shouldn’t Worry

WP7 ahead of Android and right behind iOS in customer satisfaction survey

Windows Phone 7 apps now cheaper in Australia

ChevronWP7 coming back but not free?

Microsoft demos coming Twitter and LinkedIn integration for WP7

Official: Apple sold more iPhones than Nokia’s entire range of smartphones in Q2

First Yahoo, Then Google, Now Apple: Who Will Buy Hulu?

Yahoo’s desperation for Hulu will outweigh Apple’s interest

Original Blog Post on Fake Apple Store – “Are you listening, Steve Jobs?”

Fake Apple Store: Update with Video

Angry customers return to fake Apple store in China, demand refunds

Wave Goodbye to Google Labs

In The Loop

Apple ‘iPad 3′ said to launch this fall; second manufacturer could help meet demand

iPad 3 part leaks onto the web

Vulnerability exposes Apple MacBook batteries to ‘bricking,’ malware

Tom’s Stockings (2)

Google senses proxy requests to warn users of malware infestation

Internet Explorer 9 utterly dominates malware-blocking stats

Who says women’s soccer isn’t popular? Breaks Twitter’s tweets per second record!

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