TECHGEEK Weekly 52: Zuckerburg is Awesome

TECHGEEK Weekly 52: Zuckerburg is Awesome

Mark Zuckerburg apparently uses the term “awesome” a lot, while Facebook’s new features are, well, playing catch-up, Microsoft playing angels and demons and is Google helping people find what you do in your bedroom? All this and more on this week’s edition of TECHGEEK Weekly.

Stewart’s not present in this episode, leaving Terence hosting the podcast with Chris and Tom in the roundtable. Don’t forget to listen and subscribe.



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Show Notes

Top Stories

OUR NEW LOOK: Bye Bye Exogenesis, Hello Lights

Facebook announces Skype-powered video calling, chat improvements

Call Your Friends Right From Facebook

Report: Google to kill Blogger, Picasa for Google+

Facebook blocks Google Chrome extension for exporting friends

Mark Zuckerberg on Google+

Baidu and Microsoft tie-up for English search in China

Microsoft wants Samsung to pay smartphone license

Report: Microsoft wants $15 per Android handset

Microsoft launches multi-touch SDK for Touch Mouse, allows WP7 Mango on old phones

Pwnage Playtime

Report: PlayStation 4 coming in 2012

Apple’s iTunes App Store Reaches 15 Billion Downloads

Sony’s PSN Pass Latest Tech To Block Secondhand Sales

Tom’s Stockings

Facebook accidentally confirms upcoming music service

Amazon Put In An Order For 1.2 Million Tablets, More Than Any Other Company Besides Apple

China to deploy huge Big Brother surveillance network with Cisco’s help

In Other News

ISPs Fight Piracy: Meet the Six Strikes

Is Samsung making a WP7 version of the Galaxy S II?

Simple DNS change defeats Optus filter

Vodafone class action lawsuit grows – gains 23,000 claimants

Nielsen SoundScan: Album sales inching up

JailbreakMe 3.0 released, works PC-free with iOS 4.3.3

VIDEO: iPad in Apple Store jailbroken

TMI? Some Fitbit users’ sex stats on Google search

In The Loop

Apple Passes RIM In U.S. Smartphone Market Share (Again)

Critical vulnerability found in Apple’s iPhone, iPad operating system

iPhone 5 order: 15 million for Sept. launch, report says

Apple Store overnight planned for July 13th, new MacBook Airs and Lion signage awaits

Tom’s Stockings

Fox News, Secret Service investigating apparent Twitter hack

Printer produces personalised 3D chocolate

Nintendo Nixes Future iPhone, Android Games Despite Pokemon Title

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