TECHGEEK Weekly 41: Copyright THIS!

TECHGEEK Weekly 41: Copyright THIS!

Image: Fertala/Flickr (Creative Commons)

New Zealand is about to get a three-strikes law that remains very controversial, in how it got passed and what’s in the law. The TECHGEEK Weekly Podcast discuss the impact it has, while also discussing about Android’s latest security flaw and the BlackBerry Playbook.

Meanwhile, it looks like one post on our site is about to be a cause in an all-out staff rivalry – I’ll give you a hint, it is about zombies and chocolate. Also, we’re trialling a new format for our podcast, so please send your feedback in the comments.

Stewart and James are not here, so Terence, Chris and Tom are left to hold the fort. With an hour to fill, we managed to go overboard. Don’t forget to listen and subscribe.


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Show Notes

The Top Stories

Controversial NZ file sharing law PASSED!

New Zealand Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill: J’accuse

Video Ezy supports copyright law

Vulnerability In Skype For Android Is Exposing Your Name, Phone Number, Chat Logs, And A Lot More

Google: 3 Billion Android Apps Installed; Downloads Up 50 Percent From Last Quarter

THE END – Cisco kills Flip Cameras, 550 jobs axed

BlackBerry PlayBook reviews in: Hardware/ software not final yet

RIM CEO calls a halt to BBC Click interview

Pwnage Playtime

“Multiple sources” hint at new HD successor for Wii

Sony settles with GeoHot over PS3 mod

Sony milestones: 50 million PS3s, 8 million Moves

Stewart’s Briefs (1)

The new Multimedia Superphone – HTC Sensation

Optus grabs HTC Incredible S as exclusive

Vodafone announces pricing for Galaxy Tab 10.1

Flock is dead, wants you to move on by April 26

The Other Stories

Windows Phone 7 SDK to include multi-tasking, Camera API

Angry Birds For Windows Phone 7 Launching May 25th

Microsoft debuts IE10, announces PDC 2011 dates

Windows App Store Leak

The Guy Who Says He Owns 50% Of Facebook Just Filed A Boatload Of New Evidence — And It’s Breathtaking

Adobe announces Creative Suite 5.5, monthly software subscriptions

Google stops taking Street View pictures in Germany

Unity Corporation releases Xtion Pro PC motion sensor in Japan

Brazilian police live out Robocop fantasies, test glasses that scan for criminals

Twilight’ fans targeted in Facebook scam

In The Loop

Final Cut Pro X Available June

Rumour Mill: iPad 3 to not get Retina Screen, not released this year

Apple Is Said to Ready White IPhone Following 10-Month Wait

Apple hit with class-action suit over iPhone in-app game currency purchases

Stewart’s Briefs (2)

Telstra compensation changed original NBN plan

Asia Runs Out of IPv4 Addresses

Youtube rolls out a live streaming service

Bing Now Powers 30% of US Searches

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