TECHGEEK Weekly 34: Two Girls, One Wii

TECHGEEK Weekly 34: Two Girls, One Wii

The little Wii gets a bit more intimate with a brand new game, Mortal Kombat banned in Australia and the MacBook Pro gets a little hardware revamp – and we make a big deal about it and the new Thunderbolt. Wait, what? That’s all this week on the TECHGEEK Weekly podcast with the return of James Wilson plus one guest – Matt Rossi.

Who? Matt Rossi, a friend of one of the hosts, was a podcaster. And now finds out the “organised disaster” of the podcast first hand. And Matt, we’re sorry.

And plagued with technical difficulties and obviously a sick Terence and Stewart (both are down with a cold), get ready for a mind-boggling edition of TECHGEEK Weekly.

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Show Notes

The Top Stories

Apple refreshes the MacBook Pro

Thunderbolt smokes USB, FireWire with 10Gbps throughput

Apple releases dev preview of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion with AirDrop, FileVault

Apple brings multi-touch, full-disk crypto to latest OS X

iiNet wins appeal against priacy lawsuit

Australia confirms ISPs are not copyright cops

Mortal Kombat 9 Banned in Australia? &#%@!

Mortal Kombat banned in Australia

In The Loop

FaceTime for Mac exits beta, will cost you $1.19

Apple iPad 2 event invites go out

Apple reportedly lowers iPad 2 production forecasts following supply shortages

Apple Discontinuing MobileMe Retail Boxes, Preparing for Free Overhauled Version? [Updated]

Stewart’s Briefs (1)

And this is our baby daughter … Facebook

British court orders WikiLeaks’ Assange extradited to Sweden

Google Runs Into New Privacy Objections In Europe Over Street View

The Other Stories

Telco complaints reach ‘record high’ on the back of Vodafone woes

Telstra hangs up on call centres

Microsoft temporarily disables Windows Phone 7 update for Samsung devices

Everything that can go wrong with Windows Phone 7 update does

Crush-Stalking App Breakup Notifier Amasses Over 3.6M Users, Is Shut Down By Facebook

Wikileaks opens online store in attempt to raise funds

Google is thinking about killing the URL bar

Your Neighbors Are About To Invite You To Wii Sex Parties!5769528/your-neighbors-are-about-to-invite-you-to-wii-sex-parties

Pwnage Playtime

Minecraft officially coming to iOS devices in 2011

Fable III PC date and more

Microsoft to release Kinect for Windows SDK

Stewart’s Briefs (2)

IE9’s ‘Do Not Track’ features could become Web standards

Anonymous targets Westboro Baptist Church, Church says “Bring It”

Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office available to all

Facebook seeking encryption for apps, mobile

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