TECHGEEK Weekly 28: The War Against Buttons

TECHGEEK Weekly 28: The War Against Buttons

So it turns out, our “Powered by” gets crude when I do it. Anyway, we cover the Verizon iPhone 4, Vodafone’s massive security fail and MySpace being sold off? Oh, and find out how ChatRoulette (remember that) is making some dough from an unlikely source.

Stewart is sick for this episode – so officially ending his perfect attendance record. And Tom is doing the recording, and he expresses his outrage on his ISP – and if you see some bits of editing fail, you know who to turn.

We’ll see you next week on TECHGEEK Weekly. Don’t forget to subscribe!


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The Top Stories

iPhone 4 comes to Verizon

Verizon iPhone 4 Doesn’t Suffer from Death Grip

iPhone Personal Hotspot feature headed to all iPhones in iOS 4.3?

Apple Seeds iOS 4.3 Beta to Developers: Personal Hotspot, AirPlay Video Streaming, New iPad Gestures

Next iPad, iPhone to Lose Home Button?,2817,2375678,00.asp

Next Generation iPad to launch in the US on April 2nd or 9th

MySpace to close operations in Australia, axes 500 jobs

MySpace Confirms Sale Rumors

MySpace Sale, Merger or Spinoff Being Weighed by News Corp., Official Says

Myspace – The End Of An Era

Google yanking H.264 video out of Chrome

More about the Chrome HTML Video Codec Change

Stewart’s Briefs Long-winded summaries (1)

Intel plans Windows 8 phones

Microsoft opposes “App Store” trademark by Apple

Apple, News Corp delay The Daily

Sony Closing 18M CD/Month Plant


Terence: HTC 7 Mozart and HTC 7 Trophy (review units)

Tom: Acer Iconia

Chris: Qualcomm Mirasold

The Other News

Investigation reveals Vodafone customers’ personal details easy to access

Vodafone sacks staff after security breach review

Facebook to move all users to “new profile” layout – despite users objections

Social sites, mobiles beat filters: EU study

Exclusive: BlackBerry Torch 2 gets detailed

Exclusive: BlackBerry Dakota gets pictured; the touch and type BlackBerry you’ve been waiting for

Exclusive: BlackBerry Storm 3 shows up, tells all

Chatroulette figures out how to make money from naked men

Man sues Wikileaks for creating “nucliar WAR” fear

Stewart’s Briefs Long-winded summaries (2)

Thieves rip off SIM cards from Johannesburg’s traffic signals

RIM gives India access to network, but not secure e-mails

IPhone -South Korean Director Uses iPhone 4 to Shoot Movie

Pop that cork! Intel quadruples employees’ bonuses

Jeopardy-Playing Computer Tromps Human Players in Practice Round

Apple Launches ’10 Billion App Countdown’ Contest

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