TechGeek Weekly 133: iPhone 5D

TechGeek Weekly 133: iPhone 5D

iPhone goes bling bling, Nokia caught experimenting with Android, and Bing gets a new logo. We also talk about the Microsoft Surface Phone, Chris’ love for Chromebooks and IMAP on!

Joining you in your weekly dose of (late) news is Stewart Wilson, Terence Huynh and Chris Southcott (via mobile). We aren’t having much luck with the podcast thing lately huh? Don’t forget to subscribe!



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Show Notes


iOS 7 will be available September 18
Apple Developers: Get your iOS 7 apps ready!
Apple announces the iPhone 5C, a plastic and colourful phone
Apple unveil the iPhone 5S with fingerprint reader
Telstra opens up pre-orders for the iPhone 5s and 5c
Is it better to buy the iPhone 5s or 5c from Telstra, or buying it outright?
Is it better to get the iPhone 5c/5s from Vodafone, or get it outright? (Answer: Vodafone)


Telstra 1020 pre-orders cancelled, free 520 as compensation
Microsoft was testing Surface Phone while Nokia experimented with Android finally adds IMAP support and opens the door to new third-party mail apps
Bing introduces new modern logo to integrate the “One Microsoft” vision
HP’s colorful Chromebook 14 costs $299 this holiday season
ACCC investigating ‘Freemium’ apps on Mobiles
Garmin’s new nav system – the HUD – is coming to Australia
MacTalk hacked and defaced with message purported from Syria
Twitter #Music becomes more useful with its own Spotify app

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