TechGeek Weekly 130: Screwed by Everyone

TechGeek Weekly 130: Screwed by Everyone

Kogan gets screwed by Telstra, Microsoft gets screwed by Google, and Breaking Bad fans get screwed by Apple. We also talk about Microsoft doing more 180’s with the Xbox, alleged Nokia RT Tablet and something that Terence loves about Sydney. All this and more on TechGeek Weekly.

Join Stewart Wilson, Chris Southcott and Terence Huynh for your weekly update on tech news. Terence was hoping that Stewart and Chris would fight over something but Stewart agreed with Chris – much to Terence’s disappointment.



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Show Notes


TechGeek Windows Phone App hits Version 2.0

ispONE fiasco
ispONE Wholesale customers are safe… for now
ispONE appoints Administrators and cancels Telstra contract
Telstra to terminate Kogan Mobile customers
Kogan Mobile Announcement

Gmail Privacy Fiasco
Google: Gmail users have no ‘legitimate expectation’ of privacy
Yes, Gmail users have an expectation of privacy

YouTube Fiasco
Official YouTube app for Windows Phone is here(ish)
Microsoft responds in detail to Google’s blocking of YouTube; cites HTML5 and unfair treatment

All the Other Stories
Microsoft does another 180 – Xbox One does not require the Kinect
Xbox One Launch Markets Confirmed ? From 21 to 13 countries
Windows 8.1 is official! Due to be released October 17th
Alleged photos of Nokia Windows 8.1 RT tablet in red for Verizon leaked
Telstra confirms GDR2 update for Lumia 920 is coming tomorrow
Breaking Bad fans repulsed by rotten Apple deal
Meet Jiva: Australia’s Newest ISP, Backed By iiNet
What I envy about Sydney – Google Transit


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