TechGeek Weekly 127: Doctor Who?

TechGeek Weekly 127: Doctor Who?


We are a couple of hours away from the BBC announcing who will play the Twelfth Doctor, so why not speculate and discuss the wide-ranging field of people who could succeed Matt Smith? Could the next Doctor be American, female or – dare I say it – ginger? Join us in a special TechGeek Weekly with our friends over at Ausdroid as we discuss who will be Number 12.

What do we think of the favourite Peter Capaldi, Russell Tovey or even Dame Judi Dench playing the role? How about Daniel Radcliffe or Hugh Laurie? Or how about some far fetched ones including Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan or even Robert Pattinson?


Joining Terence Huynh in the special episode are: Jason Murray (Ausdroid and frequent guest on TechGeek Weekly), Adam Rickets (Ausdroid) and Alex Dennis (Ausdroid).

For those who don’t know TechGeek Weekly, we call this an Episode 96 – as in, we’re not talking about technology. Don’t worry, we’ll be back doing that tomorrow with a new episode. Do be warned, it is at least an hour and half long.

I’m interested in hearing what you think could be Number 12 – feel free to comment below.

GIF courtesy from BBC America/Doctor Who Tumblr



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