TECHGEEK Weekly 125: Rage Against the Samsung

TECHGEEK Weekly 125: Rage Against the Samsung

Google I/O is finally here; Yahoo might be buying Tumblr (and if not, possibly Facebook or Microsoft); and we find out that this podcast is very therapeutic – apparently. All this and more on TECHGEEK Weekly.

Joining Terence and Chris is Jason Murray, coming over from the land of Ausdroid to talk about Google I/O. This was recorded earlier today, mainly because of Eurovision.

Note: Feed listeners will get the shortened version. The player below will play the extended version. Also, apologies for the crackling in some bits. Blame the free MP3 Skype recorder.

– Terence


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Show Notes


Google I/O – Game Services API
Google I/O – Google Play Music All Access
Google I/O – Google+ 41 new features
Google I/O – Google Maps redesign
Google I/O – Galaxy S4 with no TouchWiz
Yahoo eyes Tumblr, but will it acquire it
Yahoo considering Tumblr bid of $1.1 billion
Tumblr not impressed, could reject bid for being too low
Microsoft, Facebook could spark bidding war
Nokia Lumia 925 – a “new take” with bigger battery, better camera and new body
BlackBerry Q5

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