TECHGEEK Weekly 124: The Award Winning Website

TECHGEEK Weekly 124: The Award Winning Website

Adobe creates a cloud, Microsoft creates an Xbox, Google creates glass and we create a podcast. All this and more on TECHGEEK Weekly. We also talking about mysterious packages turning up for Google I/O, The IT Crowd and much much more.

Yes! We’re back for another week (sorry about that impromptu 3 week break, whoops) to give you the latest (well not really) in tech news. Get ready to listen to the best podcast from the award winning website,



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Show Notes


YouTube offers paid subscriptions for channels – will you pay though?
Google I/O Predictions: Google Glass, Google Hangouts, Nexus 4 LTE, etc
Creative Cloud
New Xbox
Leaked Microsoft ‘memo’ says next-gen Xbox won’t require constant internet connection
Report: iOS 7 could be delayed, will see massive overhaul
Twitter Music

British cult hit ‘The IT Crowd’ to return for finale special
Little Printer now available in Australia, New Zealand
Google Now available for iOS
Samsung Chromebook review: Warning: may contain excessive amounts of Kanye West.

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