TECHGEEK Weekly 121: Everyone wants to make a bloody smartwatch

TECHGEEK Weekly 121: Everyone wants to make a bloody smartwatch

Microsoft, Apple and Adobe come to Canberra to explain the huge markups – and fail; Google brings out the Chromebooks; and we burst the bubble on that Google Babble screenshot – sorry, it’s fake. All this and more on this slightly belated edition of TECHGEEK Weekly.

Oh yeah, we’re back – but stay tuned, we might be moving times. This week, Chris and Terence are at the helm. Stewart is off doing something (non-)important.

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Show Notes


Microsoft, Apple, Adobe face the IT pricing inquiry – the TL;DR version
Samsung announces the Galaxy S IV
Samsung weird: how a phone launch went from Broadway glitz to sexist mess
Samsung, Acer Chromebooks now in Australia – via JB Hi Fi and Harvey Norman
Those leaked Google Babble screenshots? Yeah, they sure as hell aren’t real
Google Reader killed in latest spring cleaning effort
Google brings post-it notes to Android with Google Keep
Samsung Preparing Wristwatch as It Races Apple for Sales
LG rumored to be building its own smartwatch to compete with Apple, Samsung, and Google
Google’s Android unit reportedly building a smartwatch
Apple lengthens Australian warranty policy, but doesn’t want to talk about it
Apple updates Podcasts app with custom stations, on-the-go playlists and less ‘skeuomorphic’ design

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