TECHGEEK Weekly 120: World's Fastest Podcast

TECHGEEK Weekly 120: World's Fastest Podcast

ABC Hacked, Evernote as well and HP is making an Android tablet. All this and more on TECHGEEK Weekly. We also talk about Windows Phone, new phones from Mobile World Congress.

Join Terence Huynh and Stewart Wilson for this fantastic episode. Chris Southcott wasn’t with us due to his school commitment (and surprisingly, we stayed under 40 minutes… I wonder why)



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Show Notes


TECHGEEK Windows Phone App Now Available
ABC Australia hacked – nearly 50,000 user credentials posted online, half cracked in 45 secs
Evernote passwords reset after user information compromised
Huawei announce the Ascend P2 – World’s Fastest 4G LTE Smartphone
So, HP is making a 7-inch tablet Android tablet – called the Slate 7
WebOS lives! LG to resurrect it for smart TVs
Judge in Apple-Samsung Case Cuts Damages, Orders New Trial on Some Products,
Upholds $600 Million of Verdict
Samsung Wallet slavishly copies inspired by Apple Passbook
Nokia 105 targets the cheap with the bare essentials – for AUD$20
Nokia launches mid-range Lumia 720 and the very cheap Lumia 520 goes ‘freemium’ with new free tier – but only if you’re invited
Tumblr and others officially coming to Windows Phone
Tweetbot outs pirates by naming and shaming themselves
Surface Pro coming to Australia in “late March”
Telstra offers PayPal for bill payments
Falcon Pro developer resets keys to get around Twitter restrictions

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