TECHGEEK Weekly 113: The End is Nigh!

TECHGEEK Weekly 113: The End is Nigh!

This week on (not) TECHGEEK Weekly, we discuss ATAR scores given that they are out today, some tips to help you get through your first year in Uni, Mayan prophecies and Berlusconi, and even talk about the quality of debate on the internet. Yes, its a whole smorgasbord of topics, but it’s another hour or so of That Other Show When Everyone is Away Show.

Returning this week is Mark Kelly and Nicholas Munro – remember them on Episode 96? The reason why they are back is mainly because Chris said he was unavailable this week, and Stewart complained that it was just too hot for him to do a recording (it was 35 degrees in Sydney when we record this). So, why not have the backup team of the backup team appear.

If you haven’t realised, we tend to talk about topics that are not about technology (they’re more games focus). But just to satisfy the technology criteria of the show, we do get into discussion about internet comments and how much vitriol they sprout sometimes. I don’t know how we managed to do so, but we did.

Apologies also if you hear a bit of popping in some sections (not a lot though), I don’t have a pop filter – I’m not that professional.

Hope you enjoy. Like, tweet, subscribe and download! – Terence



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