TECHGEEK Weekly 110: Click and Crash

TECHGEEK Weekly 110: Click and Crash

HP claims its was duped in spending $11 billion on a company it now regrets, Click Frenzy becomes a massive failure and Facebook is changing their policies – what does it mean for you? Oh, and Chris is really, really angry with Twitter. All this and more on TECHGEEK Weekly.

Chris and Terence are back again – all alone. Stewart was attending an event called HackAGong, so again – enjoy another hour long episode!



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Show Notes


H-P Says It Was Duped, Takes $8.8 Billion Charge
Websites under strain as Click Frenzy becomes a failure
Apple/HTC settlement to be given to Samsung
HTC CEO happy with Apple patent settlement, calls price estimates ‘outrageous’
Facebook is changing user policies – what does it mean for you?
Twitter borks its service on Windows 8 by denying Tweetro a token extension
LG admits reason behind dropping 4G in Nexus 4
Nexus 4 Includes Support for LTE on Band 4 (AWS)
Apple gets design patent on virtual page turning, but doesn’t own the page turn
Early builds of Apple’s upcoming OS X 10.9 include Siri and Maps integration
Nokia’s Here Maps out now for iOS, the wait for a true Google Maps replacement continues
Sites Back Up After ‘Eboz’ Hijacked Google, Apple, 280+ Other Sites In Pakistan, Possibly Just To Highlight Security Hole
Good Deal: Sony Music Unlimited now $12 a year for PlayStation Plus users
PS Vita firmware update 2.0 adds an email client and improves the browser
Here comes Vdio: Janus Friis’ video service launches private beta in UK and US
WTFlevel measures humanity’s discontent in real-time by tracking profane tweets

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