TECHGEEK Weekly 109: Flipping the Bird

TECHGEEK Weekly 109: Flipping the Bird

So, this is what happen if you leave Terence and Chris doing a podcast – we managed to make an episode that lasts a bit longer than what we usually produce. Anyway, this week: HTC and Apple settle, Samsung isn’t happy about that, Sinofsky leaves Microsoft and Twitter flips the bird on developers.

This is also the episode where Terence had to rush from one place to another to be here on time. We recorded this earlier on a Saturday night because our usual host, Stewart Wilson, is off somewhere partying, or something.

Listen and enjoy!



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Show Notes


Holiday Gift Guide!!
GIFT GUIDE: 9 Geeky Christmas Presents
GIFT GUIDE: 10 items under $100 you should consider for Christmas 
Apple and HTC end lawsuits, signs ten-year deal for patents (Updated)
Samsung goes after HTC deal to undercut Apple-filing
Apple, Samsung Allowed to Add Products to Patent Lawsuit
Samsung Galaxy Note II coming to Telstra, Optus, Vodafone
Optus out the door first – reveals Galaxy Note II pricing
Samsung reveals the Galaxy Camera – coming to Australia late Nov
S-Memo stores Google Account credentials in plain-text, rooted users at risk
Windows Head Steven Sinofsky to Leave Microsoft
Sinofsky’s departure from Microsoft: Politics or products to blame?
In the Sinofsky Departure, Bill Gates Sided With the Other Steve (Ballmer) at Microsoft
Sinofsky speaks, denies he tried to take over Windows Phone division at Microsoft
Microsoft’s former Windows Phone chief shifted to head of corporate development and strategy
Windows 8 Twitter client ‘Tweetro’ hits user cap, now blocked
Twitter Completely Slams the Door on Tweetro; Refuses to Offer Exemption to User Token Limits
Microsoft’s SkyDrive Gets New SDKs For .NET and Windows Phone 8, Integration With IFTTT, DocuSign and SoundGecko
Nokia to Launch Free Maps App with Offline Mode and Transit Directions for iOS
Facebook testing threaded-replies
Spotify takes on Rdio: web-native version available in beta
Humble Bundle for Android 4 with SWORD & SWORCERY!!!


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