TECHGEEK Weekly 105: Going To Keep on Loving Maps

TECHGEEK Weekly 105: Going To Keep on Loving Maps

A massive security fiasco for Android, Apple says sorry for its Maps, and webOS comes back with version 1.0 – much to the Chris’ rejoice (and Terence’s displeasure). All this and more on TECHGEEK Weekly!

Stewart’s on holiday and Tom is busy studying, so you’re left with Terence and Chris this week. No video this week, but you can listen to the audio below.

Also apologies for no episode last week. I was busy in Sydney and we were going to record one, but Stewart decided to pull the pin at the last minute.

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Show Notes


Security Risk for Millions of Android Phone Users
Microsoft ditches Nokia for HTC with the Windows Phone 8X and 8S
LG unveils Optimus G, with new UI, 1.5GHz quad-core processor and 13MP camera
Tim Cook Apologies for Crappy Maps, Points Users to Bing
Apple Apologizes for Misstep on Maps
HP takes Open webOS 1.0 live, shows it supersized on a TouchSmart (video)
Neil Young reveals Pono music player, promises ‘the best sound anyone can get’
Neil Young Expands Pono Digital-to-Analog Music Service
Fitness friendly Fitbit One and Fitbit Zip announced with Bluetooth 4.0 and wireless sync
Report: PAX Australia To Be Hosted In Melbourne
Lytro Cameras Are Finally Coming to Australia
BlackBerry 10 Beta 3 Hands On (Photo + Video)
Watch this: RIM BlackBerry Jam Music Video
iPhone 5 Scuff Damage Aluminium


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