TECHGEEK Podcast 9: Did someone say Nano?

TECHGEEK Podcast 9: Did someone say Nano?

Apple news galore again. Yes, we know it is tiring, but you will have to live with it, especially when the September Apple event was this week. We’re confused over the name Ping, discuss the hatred of the new logo of iTunes 10 and the new iPod nano design, and a sexy new OLED TV prototype.

And yes, it is damn sexy.

We’re joined with Chris Southcott, who covered the day for the site, and Lead Editor of Gadgets, Tom Solari, in order to discuss the Apple products.


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Ping Users Top One Million in First 48 Hours

Apple’s Ping succumbs to the spammers

New iPod Collection

Apple TV

iTunes 10

Apple gives sneak peak into iOS 4.2 for iPad

Samsung releases their version of the iPad

World First From Telstra – Mobile Broadband that tops 20Mbps

Walkman outsells iPod in Japan for first time

7-inch ViewPad is either a normal-sized tablet or a gigantic phone

Taking Over a Car

LG reveals gorgeous ultra-thin prototype OLED TV


Logitech Revue and Google TV get very early blurrycam impressions

Toshiba recalls 41,000 laptops

AFL and NRL finals to air in 3D

3D Blu-ray update for PS3 in October

Sony bringing sweet 3D video to their laptops next year

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