TECHGEEK Podcast 8: Oh crap, my computer just crashed

TECHGEEK Podcast 8: Oh crap, my computer just crashed

Blame Stewart for another late episode. Why? Because we had to wait for his precious iPhone to be reverted to an old version and jailbroken, which took 3 hours and 45 minutes after our original start time. Also, we’re still apparently recovering from our Election Night spectacular – if you can call it spectacular.

Anyway, Tom leaves halfway in the episode because of typing disturbed some people and Stewart and Terence has to finish the show.

There is no TECHGEEK Tips episode because we were planning to do it after the show, but we can’t when James or Tom (who is doing a guest tip as James is busy) isn’t there. So you’re stuck with us. Though, we have made it up with a new, hopefully recurring, segment called Stewart’s Briefs. Yes. It’s called that. Blame Tom.


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