TECHGEEK Podcast 25: The Blooper Reel

TECHGEEK Podcast 25: The Blooper Reel

In the lead up to our very first show for 2011, we are also going to provide another episode for your listening enjoyment. This one features all the bloopers that we managed (and were allowed to put in) to collect during our recordings of 23 episodes of 2010.

Unfortunately, because we are relatively new, you’re not going to get much bloopers. But at least you will laugh at how fail we are at, of course, our expense.

Oh, and don’t forget to say goodbye to the TECHGEEK Podcast name, as by next episode – we’re TECHGEEK Weekly. So, we will see you when we return. And don’t forget, here’s a recap of our 2010 podcasts in one episode here.


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