TECHGEEK Podcast #24: The Best Of 2010

TECHGEEK Podcast #24: The Best Of 2010

Yes – it’s finally here. After hours and hours of Terence working and then Stewart whipping this up in just 10 minutes, it’s finally made it – The Best Of 2010 Podcast. Why has it taken so long you ask? Because it’s been a busy end of the year especially with the Gift Giveaway and all the public holidays.

This podcast features over 1 hour and 30 minutes of best moments, funny bits and rants that we think should be reproduced. It has no commentary – just a single stream of the best parts of the podcast.

WARNING: This file is big. And when we mean big. It is longer, and will is 64MB. So, if you happen to be capped – you might want to wait.


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