TECHGEEK Podcast #23: The Live Unorganised Organised Podcast

TECHGEEK Podcast #23: The Live Unorganised Organised Podcast

We were planning to recording our live show, but Stewart forgot – with the exception of this 30 minute segment of the news. So, we decided to release this – as a way to recap this week’s news. So, what happened in the week. Assange was released on bail, Gawker got hacked and some new Microsoft slates

We also have some last minute additions as we reveal our plans for the new year for the TECHGEEK Podcast and some (already leaked) information about our new podcast Gadgetlyst Bytes. So why not listen?

We will see you in the new year with a brand new episode, but as a gift to you all, we have some special episodes to release during our break. So stay tuned!


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Show Notes

Gawker hacked, 1.5 million accounts compromised

The Top 50 Gawker Media Passwords

Microsoft to Announce New Slates Aimed at the iPad

Facebook Founder Zuckerberg Named Time Person of Year – LOL

Yahoo Reduces Staff By 4 Percent; Hands Out Pink Slips To Over 500 Employees

Is Yahoo Shutting Down [Update: Responds]

LG announces Optimus 2X – first smartphone with dual core processor

Apple to upgrade MacBook Pro, iMacs in 2011

Nokia expands Apple patent infringement lawsuit to Europe

Assange freed on bail

AFP: Wikileaks release has not broken laws (yet)

Credit card thief ‘steals’ own music on iTunes

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