TECHGEEK Podcast 21: We dropped the cable

TECHGEEK Podcast 21: We dropped the cable

Okay, we get it. We fail at comedy. Don’t get your knickers in a twist. We discuss the Wikileaks saga, the fact that Porn aims to be the next Google in stealing your private data and that Apple tries to push a dead social network with a dead celebrity.

Yep, and while I’m so going to get angry emails from Michael Jackson fans, Tom is going to get emails from feminists calling him a sexist. Ouch.

Anyway, if you want to get our email addresses, you can get them after the jump. See you next week. Oh, and don’t forget we have a live show on December 18!


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The Top Stories

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Holiday Gift Guide 2010

Wikileaks leaks US diplomatic cables

Amazon Denies Dropping WikiLeaks Because Of ‘Government Inquiry’

Lieberman Introduces Anti-WikiLeaks Legislation

WikiLeaks fights to stay online after US company withdraws domain name

Google search goes under EU antitrust microscope

European Union announces antitrust probe on Google

YouPorn, Perez Hilton Exploit Bug to Obtain Your Browsing History

Apple pushes Ping with exclusive Michael Jackson song

Stewart’s Briefs I

Man claims phone exploded in his ear

Sony announces Playstation Move sold 4.1 million (to stores)

iPad and Samsung say “I do” to ABC iview

Sensing Danger, Demonoid BitTorrent Tracker Ditches .COM Domain


TERENCE: La Boite Concept merges laptop desk and speakers

STEWART: ViewSonic Tablet coming January 2011

TOM: iFan concept uses gusts to power your iPhone, solve lingering reception issues

In Other News

Women want Apple’s iPhone, men prefer Google Android, Nielsen finds

55 people think the iPad is more valuable than the Galaxy Tab

Rumor: January Windows Phone 7 update to be massive, catches up with iPhone

Windows Phone 7 jailbreak tool comes, goes within a week

Pursuing the future of homebrew on Windows Phone 7

Hulu Eyes Global Expansion

Richard Branson’s iPad App: $2.99, Instructions Included. You’ll Need Them.

Twitter name mixup gets woman free Australia trip

Stewart’s Briefs II

Apple Sues Steve Jobs Figurine Maker Over Likeness

Apple makes PhotoFast stop production of speedy 256 GB MacBook Air SSDs

Google to pay $1 for Street View trespass. Plaintiffs say: ‘This is one sweet dollar of vindication’

23-Year-Old Russian Responsible for a Third of World’s Spam

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