TECHGEEK Podcast 17: Let's squint for Amazon

TECHGEEK Podcast 17: Let's squint for Amazon

It feels like the longest episode so far, but it’s apparently not. Yes, the whole team is back… before they left again. However, not before we go through all the week’s Apple stories that managed to take up 15 minutes of the episode. Yes. You heard that. You might as well skip the 15 minutes.

We talk about Skyfire, iBookstores and introduce a new segment called Gadgets.

We are resting the TECHGEEK Tips podcast for a while because we have, in effect, run out of Tips. So do send them in at our new email address:


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Apple sued for iPhone 3G iOS 4 problems

90-second previews coming to iTunes whether labels like it or not

Apple finally opens iBookstore in Australia

Apple Increases Tablet Share to 95 Percent as Android Slips

iPhone 5 Will Enable Ambitious Remote Computing Program – Source [Exclusive]

Skyfire iOS browser approved by Apple, converts Flash video to HTML5

Skyfire’s iPhone browser ‘sells out’ due to shaky bandwidth

Kinect to sell 5 million before end of year?

We are the controller!’ A Kinect launch party overview

Consumer Reports debunks the ‘racist’ Kinect

Samsung expects to sell a million Galaxy Tabs this year, 40 million smartphones next year

First official HTML5 tests topped by…Microsoft

ACCC launches legal proceedings against MSY over false warranty claims

Facebook users squint at font size change

Shortages Could Hurt Windows Phone 7 Launch In U.S.

Amazon’s 3G Kindle leaps ‘Great Firewall of China’



ABC signs deal with Yahoo7 for archive content

iOS 4.2 to be released in November, but when?

Mac mini price drops

Europeans wake up an hour late as Apple fails to fix iPhone alarm clock bug

Will you stay with Windows XP? 53% say Yes!


Gucci’s 3D glasses up the ante with $225 fashion tag

Mac Pro Server quietly introduced as Xserve heads for the grave, starts at $3,000

P.S. – We have a new intro. Hope you like it. If you want the full theme, you can download it at 8bitcollective. The song is called Embrace by Neometamon.

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