TECHGEEK Holiday Gift Guide 2009 for the Home

TECHGEEK Holiday Gift Guide 2009 for the Home


Here at, we believe in helping you spot down those bargains and gift ideas for you, and this is why we have a huge Holiday Gift Guide prepared for our readers. From wishlists to gift ideas to almost any subject and special bargains, we are going to make Christmas and the Holiday Season an easier experience. (Oh, and don’t worry about the image, we know it will be summer in Australia).

Today’s gift guide focuses on the Home; and we believe that these four are perfect for someone’s home (and we did not put home entertainment in it, because that’s a totally different category). So enjoy the four picks we chosen. As well, if you have better gift options, comment below.

Dyson Air Multiplier

James previously covered this for us on our gadget blog, and its here in Australia. No blades to clean and to spread dust, it still acts like a fan, including 90-degree oscillation and tilting; and is still able to cool you down during the hot summer. If you are considering it as a gift, you better hope that you can actually pay for it, since it costs $399 for the fan. Ouch, but unless you can afford it, go for it.

HP Touchsmart 300 Desktop PC


Perfect for the kitchen. A touchscreen desktop, you can view recipes with a touch of a button, watch television and listen to your music while baking a cake, or keep notes to what to buy the next day before you leave home. Just make sure you keep it away from any water source, because technology and water don’t mix. It’s also a good computer for the living room because of the multimedia features – but if you don’t have a television at home. It sells for $1,699 with an AMD processor. If you want an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, get the Touchsmart 600 Desktop PC.

Homedics Neck & Shoulder Massager


Who doesn’t want a massage after a hard day’s work. This neck and shoulder neck massager is perfect, and its comfortable with its fleece lining. It is also portable, so you can take it anywhere, because it runs on batteries; but it also runs on AC adaptor. Plus, its under $50 ($49.99), so its perfect gift for Kris Kringle if the budget is less than $100 or less than $50.

Sony ICFCD3IP iPod Dock CD Clock Radio


Charge your iPod during you sleep, and wake up with the radio or your iPod playing music; or just play your music form the CD or your iPod or iPhone with its stereo speakers. Featuring a wireless remote, it can also pick up AM and FM radio stations – but not Digital Radio, however. It will set you back $189.00.

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