Techcast Season 1 Episode 4: U WOT M8

Techcast Season 1 Episode 4: U WOT M8

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This is Techcast Episode 4 for Season 1, titled U WOT M8. Today we take a look at all the new Android phones, the fate of Windows XP and all the new office applications for iPad!

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Show Notes

Top Stories

Samsung Australia to bring Galaxy S5 on April 11, priced at $929
HTC reveals the HTC One M8
Facebook to acquire Oculus – makers of Rift VR headset – for US$2 billion
Butt first, mobile first: Word, Powerpoint, and Excel come to iPad today
Microsoft OneNote is out now on the Mac App Store, and it’s awesome
Spotify gets a new darker look as it strives for cross-platform consistency
Something something Windows XP
Australian App Stores Price Adjustment (Now With Charts!)
Dr Michio Kaku Interview
Goat Simulator Review
Happy Birthday to TechGeek!

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