Techcast Season 1 Episode 3: 80,000 volts straight to the nipples

Techcast Season 1 Episode 3: 80,000 volts straight to the nipples

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This is Techcast Episode 3 for Season 1, titled “80,000 volts straight to the nipples”. This week was a very slow news week (in our eyes anyway), so this is a short podcast. We speculate wildly on the actual creator of Bitcoin and who Satoshi Nakamoto really is, we talk about drones and an ex-Channel Nine employees love email.

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Show Notes

Top Stories

The Face Behind Bitcoin
Man said to create Bitcoin denies it
Satoshi’s denial

Other Stories

This is iOS 7.1 and it’s out now
Vox Media to launch general-news website,, in 2014
The CUPID drone strikes with 80,000 volts to the chest
Melbourne man arrested for allegedly using a drone to smuggle drugs into prison
Microsoft and Samsung join the board for Qi wireless charging
Samsung’s Milk music streaming service is free, has no ads
Flappy Bird creator is “considering” bringing the game back
Tumblr Now Lets You Dial A Toll-Free Number To Post Audio To Your Blog
I’ve never had the guts to tell anyone…’: Channel 9 staffer’s shot at romance in parting email to a thousand of the network’s staff

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