Techcast S02E04: Just the little things

Techcast S02E04: Just the little things

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Welcome to… last week’s edition of the Techcast? Apologises for not releasing this last week. We have been very busy. Join Terence Huynh and Chris Southcott as we discuss the Smart TV privacy debacle, Uber as a disrupter and Falconman – the superhero that we definitely deserve. See you this/next week?



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Show Notes

Samsung Smart TVs will listen to, capture and transmit your private conversations
Australian Government Cyber-Security Video Is Painful To Watch
Samsung’s streaming service Milk Music is coming to Australia
Samsung Galaxy S6 design supposedly leaked by case manufacturers
Google I/O will take place May 28-29
Apple will reportedly focus on stability and bug fixes with iOS 9
Boston Dynamics’ newest robot has a dog’s name but walks like a horse
Fitbit Acknowledges Latest Devices Are Causing Rashes, Advises To “Give Your Wrist A Rest”
Uber – A Brilliant Example of Technology Disruption
Google’s latest Android ‘Be Together, Not the Same’ commercial is all kinds of cute
Meet Falconman – the hilarious crappy ripoff of Batman

Epic Song by BoxCat Games is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

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