Techcast S02E01: CE Smart

Techcast S02E01: CE Smart

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Wow, it’s been so long since our last episode.  Welcome to the first episode of Techcast for 2015! This week, Join Technology Genius Terence Huynh with his colleagues Stewart Wilson and Chris Southcott for this exciting episode. We talk about CES 2015, Google patches and more.

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Show Notes

Top Stories

The Sony Walkman is apparently still a thing, new model to cost $1000+
A Stainless Steel Smartwatch: Sony’s SmartWatch 3 given more air-time, new style
Alcatel’s Pixi 3 series of phones has a unique feature; choose your OS
Alcatel OneTouch wants to be the Zara of smartwatches
Samsung reveals new SUHD TVs at CES 2015 – all running on Tizen OS
Samsung’s new T1 SSD drive packs a terabyte in a very small package
Seagate brings out super-slim Seagate Seven hard drive for CES
CES 2015: Lenovo refreshes ThinkPad X1 Carbon
Acer Chromebook 15: a first look at the biggest Chromebook on Earth
Razer Forge TV wants to bring Android and PC gaming to the living room

Other Stories

Telstra WiFi Payphones
Tinder Experiment
Google refuses to patch vulnerability affecting 930 million users
Report: Samsung in talks with BlackBerry about potential buyout, company responds with ‘Oh No You Didn’t’ statement
Netflix to launch in Australia on March 31

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